Friday, December 3rd, 2021

You 3 arrives with a renewed Joe Goldberg and a Love Quinn ready for anything

In less than 24 hours, Netflix will add the third season of Tu to its catalog . Once again, Penn badge he is reprising the role of Joe Goldberg and will be accompanied by his wife, Love Quinn who is played by Victoria Pedretti. Both characters are now ready to face a new life as parents in which they also try to leave their dark past behind.


The third season of Tu , which has already confirmed that it won’t be the last, has become one of Netflix’s most anticipated. The end of the second edition marked a new path: after his marriage, Joe finds a new obsession that lives right next to him. However, not everything will be rosy for this man who is trying to become a devoted father and husband.

On this occasion, Netflix manages to show itself again with the staging of Joe’s typical cage and also with a new city that will become the protagonists’ worst enemy or, perhaps, their best refuge. Plus, as if that weren’t enough, Penn badge’s performance, which manages to make his character look quite different, is worthy of admiration. The actor dazzles with his performance as he tries to overcome his dark past and focus on saving his baby.

On the other hand, Victoria Pedretti is not left out. Beyond fulfilling her role as a mother, Love Quinn finds a way to move forward and bring down her ghosts. Of course, the death of her brother and the attempt to protect her little one could make her overcoming and moving forward job a farce. The actress manages, once again, to surprise in each chapter and scene of the next edition.

And, the inclusion of new characters in the story is the perfect condiment to making future episodes a success. Joe and Love’s neighbors, the new group of friends and the librarians he finds the perfect hideaway in. But, among them, there are two who stand out from the cast and become the highlight of this season: Matthieu and Théo, arrive in the life of the protagonists to change everything. .

Undoubtedly, the streaming giant is again you perfect production bet. The series premiered in 2018 and, in its third year of continuity, has everything to remain a success. Additionally, the music that is included in the fiction manages to connect with the plot in a way that is unmatched and has rarely been seen on TV tapes.

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