Will play: Mamata

Taking an oath to remove the BJP from India, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “As long as we cannot expel the BJP from India, the game will be played in the states.” There will be games in booths, there will be games everywhere. Will play: Mamata International Desk Read in 2 minutes Mamata Banerjee made the remarks at a virtual meeting centered on Trinamool Martyrs’ Day celebrations on Wednesday (July 21) local time. From this day’s event the next program of the year for team workers is announced. According to a report in the Indian media Anandabazar, Mamata said that espionage was taking place in the country instead of democracy. The brain of the BJP is nothing but a desert. They do not know what human rights are. Just tapping the phone and spying doesn’t do everything. He said that instead of giving money to poor people, money is being spent on eavesdropping. No one can trust anyone. Ministers, bureaucrats, leaders of the opposition, judges are being eavesdropped on their phones. At the time, he said, “Pegosas – Ferosas, Narendra Modi’s navishbas.” Referring to the coronavirus situation in the country, Mamata said, Kovida has no vaccine, no medicine, no oxygen! When he died, his body was being dumped in the river Ganga. And the Prime Minister says Uttar Pradesh is the best state in the country. No shame! He is not being given medicine, he is not being vaccinated, he is not being allowed to perform funeral after his death. The body is being floated in the Ganges without respect. Sometimes Bihar picked up the body, sometimes Bengal picked it up. When the bodies were found floating in Bengal, we arranged for their funeral in their honor. Commenting that the second wave of Kovid could have been stopped if action had been taken at the right time, Mamata said that 4 lakh people have died due to your ultimate failure. He called on the party leaders and workers to speak out against the BJP and oust it from power.


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