Why You Should Pick Powder Coating Over Traditional Wet Paints For Your Next Project

new jersey Powder Coating

As an alternative to conventional wet paint solvents, powder coating provides a superior and friendly method of applying paint. When using traditional wet-paints, solvents are added to the paint, which allows it to become sticky that enables it to adhere to the surface of the required material.

Powder coatings work in a completely different way as only the powdered materials are sprayed or applied to the surface in an atomized powder spray. An electrostatic charge is applied to the powder during spray, allowing the powder to be drawn to the surface.

Once the surface is sufficiently covered, it is heated in an oven. This causes the powder layer to fuse and melt onto the surface and form a resilient, smooth, and robust coating.

The high quality of a powder-coated product is instantly recognizable. It is smooth in appearance and protects the surface by forming a sealed layer of paint around it, which significantly reduces the effects of corrosion and provides excellent scratch resistance properties.

The use of powder coating allows any overspray to be easily collected and reused in automated systems. Conventional wet paint spray can waste as much as 50% when applied and is not recoverable. Powder coating can help make huge savings because the excess powder can easily be collected and then re-applied to another product, as well as reduced labor cost.

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