There’s a common English adage we all must have heard of; “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The significance of pictures in our lives cannot be described by words. Everything that appears beautiful to us is always a part of a picture that comes before our eyes. If our life can turn pale without colours and pictures, how can we avoid the visual aspect of a website while creating it?

“Web Designing” is fundamentally related to this. It focuses on the aesthetic factors and visual imagery of the website so that it looks appealing and easy going. Designing a website is just like designing a house, so, consider yourself an architect when you are designing a page. A design plan of a website must contain the details of information architecture, a planned structure of the site and the site map of pages. This can be done by using many programs and tools like, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Axure, Heroku, Imageoptim, Illustrator etc. At present, the dominating trends in web designing are responsive design, material design and single page design.

Graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design and search engine optimization are some of the important aspects of web designing.

Designing a good website needs a good designer. Even if your content is informative and exciting enough, a boring background can send away the visitors. Thus, in a world where every organisation is putting all of its efforts to increase the traffic of their sites, web designing plays an important role in luring visitors.

it also influences your ranking on the web page and thus your visibility. The businesses can reach their potential clients and targeted audience with impressive website design. Also, the design of the website needs to be updated regularly so that they never become outdated.

Professional web designing is, even more, harder than solving a maths equation because you have to think out the box every time you are asked to design a website. So, when the demand for web designing is increasing, people who can make good designers are few. So, at a time like this, being a good designer can bring you a lot of opportunities.

Several institutes provide web design training in Kolkata. But, one must choose the institute wisely depending on the courses they provide, faculties, course fees etc. Technology is evolving and every day, something new is going to enter the market. But, the demand for web designers can never go out of fashion. As of present, web designers are amongst the top highly paid job in the IT industry which the reason behind its popularity. Apart from that, you can also handle freelancing projects or start your own business. It also provides you with work from home facilities.

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