Why to Choose React Native App Development Over Hybrid App Development

Introduced in 2015, React Native is one such technology that receives a lot of praise from the experts. Within such a period of time, it has become a preferred choice for many developers and businesses. But there are a lot of people who believe that hybrid app development is still better than reactive native development. Well, it is certainly a topic of debate that definitely will going to be around with mobile app development in the future as well.  But for startup businesses, react native is considered to be the ideal solution. Well, there are many reasons for that – there is a low cost of development, faster time to market, efficient quality, and more. And this post, we will be talking about that! We have created a list of some important reasons why to choose react native development over hybrid app development for startup businesses. So, here we go!

  • React Native Apps Runs Flawlessly With a Higher Speed

To understand this point, it is important to know that the same platform components are involved in the working react native frameworks with which native iOS and Android apps work. This ensures the speed and performance of a reactive native app same as of a native Android or iOS application. Whereas, in hybrid mobile app development, applications are simply a web view wrapped in a native container. This is one important reason why hybrid applications cannot provide the seamless speed and sleek UX as compared to a react native application. 

  • Enables Sharing of Single Codebase Between Android and iOS 

Just to let you know, React Native works on the principle of write once and use on multi-platforms. And this is the way how startups or small businesses can create an exceptional application with half the cost and time of native app development. 

  • Allows Third-Party Plugin Connectivity and Supports No-Glitch Experience

React native app development also supports several third-party integrations. And the best thing is that react native allows you to integrate a third-party plugin using the native module. While allowing you to integrate third-party applications, react native ensures a no-glitch experience for your users. 

  • Backs By Some of the Top Applications in the Market

If all the above reasons didn’t convince you to go for react native application development, then surely you need some real examples. So, if we talk about some popular apps that are built on react native, well, you would be amazed to know that Facebook is one of them. Besides, Tesla, Instagram, Walmart, and Bloomberg are some other popular names that have their applications built with react native technology.


So, these are some important reasons to choose react native app development over hybrid app development, especially if you have a small or startup business. And once you’re all ready to go with react native, well, then all you will need is the best professional support. Auxesis Infotech is one such reacti native app development company that has years of experience working in the industry and delivering top-quality services. 

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