Why Skincare Treatments Are So Vital For Our Wellbeing

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In today’s environment, there is an ever-increasing amount and degrees of bad skin and skin problems in people, all of them craving for solutions that work quickly and naturally. The disease of skin rashes and inflammation (i.e., dermatitis), dryness, pimples, premature aging, and deterioration of skin health, in general, comes as no surprise.

Here are a few points to consider:

● The role skin plays in our wellbeing
● The connection skin health has with proper digestive functioning
● The increasing ratio of processed and nutrient-depleted food in our diet and
● The unprecedented amount of external and internal toxins we deal with daily.

How most skin problems begin

Since most of us started with pretty decent skin, let’s look at the downward spiral that is the usual pathway to skin problems:

● High amounts of poor quality food interact with the digestive process, which can, in effect, lead to bacterial digestive imbalances that are often reflected in a variety of skin conditions.

● Toxins found in water, foods, and personal care products impact the skin both internally in its role as an elimination organ and externally by causing rashes on contact or by being absorbed through the skin and affecting cellular health and regeneration.

Together, this damaging combination has led our bodies to complain loudly in one of the most obvious ways, via our Skin problems. Skin is the largest organ & one of four major elimination organs along with the kidneys, colon, and lungs. Our skin can be one of the most visible signs of a health imbalance and one of the first places our body shows physical or emotional distress symptoms. A definite “flipside” to that truth, however, is that as one adopts a natural skincare approach to bad Skin problems, the skin often responds quite quickly.

Attending both aspects of skin begins with the Skin Care approach of what we put ‘In’ our body and what we put ‘On’ our body is vital. Though glowing, clear, and healthy skin will not happen overnight, especially if there has been a long history of bad skin or skin problems.

But with a holistic skincare game plan firmly in place, small improvements should be seen within a couple of weeks. After that, staying the course can produce some remarkable results. At Revive beauty Solutions, the best center for Skin Care in London, Ontario, we strive to give all our clients the same beauty & body enhancing treatment we would want for ourselves while maintaining a relaxing and calm environment. For all kinds of Skin Care in London, Ontario, visit Revive Beauty Solutions. Call us at 519-639-7075 to book an appointment today!


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