Why Should You Build an Author’s Audience?

What is it that writing doesn’t help you with? The more you write, the better you realize it is a powerful form of therapy and has its perks. You get to take a trip down memory lane and turn it into stories you wouldn’t otherwise speak of. Your thoughts become strong, and your anxieties calm when you find yourself penning down your thoughts on just a piece of paper.

It boosts creativity, invigorates passion within you, and whatnot! If that’s not all, you develop a skill for a lifetime. Anyhow, if you have been writing vigorously, and there hasn’t been a day when you didn’t strive to hone your craft, building an author’s audience is the way to begin your journey. Chances are you’ll find your readership expanding in all new directions.

You Strive for Growth

The more you strive for growth in your writing, the better you get. When you build an audience for yourself, you make sure you’re developing your craft every step of your way. You dive in the nitty-gritty and ensure there are no technicalities you’re missing out on.

In other words, if you are a freelancer, you know how crucial it is for you to make an impact in the industry. The clientele is vast, and so is the rate of freelancers entering the field. Consequently, even for a book writer – fiction or fantasy, your audience makes you strive for growth.

New Found Criticism Tolerance

Not everyone can handle criticism, and even if they do, it keeps them on edge. It makes a person feel anxious, depressed, and if that’s not all, sometimes it harms their psychological well-being. However, with your audience expanding, you get to improve on your criticism handling capabilities.

Your Writing Career Expands

Who doesn’t want an established writing career? When you are soaring in your writing career, endless opportunities come your way. The doors to a new horizon unleash, and you find yourself rejoicing in the outcomes. Whether it is your name turning into a brand or you becoming a renowned author, the perks of striving to grow your audience are innumerable.

Awards and Accolades at Best

When your readership increases, you start getting noticed for your work. Recognition awards, prize, and accolades for your achievements become an everyday charm for you. Precisely, your readers begin to acknowledge you as a writer, and there’s no wonder that you only get better every day.

Bottom Line

If you are reluctant to put your work out there, you should still hop onto the bandwagon. Develop yourself as a writer and unleash the hidden talent and your creativity. Chances are you’ll find yourself cherishing the incredible outcomes.


Authors Bio: Besides being an avid reader, Dr. Regina A Johnson is an Indie Author, a publishing house CEO – EOJ Publisher, a Naval Officer, and a public speaker. A part-time author and a mother to beautiful Orlanda, she recently ventured her book store in 2020. She may have a lot on her plate, but reading to her daughter every night is what she loves the most! 

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