Why is VSI International the best School in Jaipur?


best school in jaipur

VSI International is a renowned English medium co-educational school in Jaipur City. VSI International school is located at Sanganer, Jaipur, Affiliated with RBSE an English medium school.

Academics of VSI International School

The School runs classes from Playgroup up to Class XII. Their academics are divided into four wings 

  1.  The first wing is the Play Group; toddlers in this group are two years old up to three years old.
  2. The second wing is Pre-primary that has Nursery, K.G., and preparatory classes and the students’ age are three years old up to 5 years old.
  3. The third wing is the Junior wing that has classes from me up to VIII, and the age of students is five years up to thirteen years old.
  4. The fourth wing is Senior wings that have classes from IX to XII, and the age group of the students is fourteen years old up to eighteen years old.

Mission And Vision of VSI International School

VSI International school’s mission is to provide a learning space that is supportive, motivating, and caring.

VSI International school works on the overall development of students. Its curriculum is set in a child-centric pattern with co-curricular activities so that their students enhance their skills. And their personality is groomed mentally, physically, and socially so that they grow as responsible citizens.

VSI international school aims to provide academic excellence in the play way method, so the learning process becomes enjoyable. And students can participate actively and enjoy it.

VSI School offers facilities to their Students

VSI school offers very educate facilities to their students like

  • Air conditioner Classrooms
  • Play Ground
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Reader Hub
  • Math lab
  • Library
  • Computer lab
  • Medical Room
  • Music Room
  • Canteen
  • Activity Room
  • Laboratory
  • Sport facilities
  • Transportation


VSI International School Activities

VSI International School believes that it is the School’s responsibility to instil honesty, trust, cooperation, self-reliance, and hard work through various activities.

So VSI International School on regular basis Conduct activities such as


  • Dance and Music 

To reduce the anxiety and stress level and build confidence level.


  • Art and Craft

To boost up creativity and increase eye and hand coordination. 


  • Quiz and Debates

To add critical thinking and presentation skills.


  • Spoken English

To learn English speaking skills.


  • Judo, Karate & Yoga

today’s time. Self-defence is a must in 


  • Abacus

To make students’ calculations stronger and faster.


VSI School Characteristics that make it Best

VSI international school’s Infrastructure covers a vast area. It is a well-designed building. The classrooms are very spacious, centrally air-conditioned, and have proper lighting arrangements. Classrooms are not only spacious but ventilated also.

VSI international school encouraged its students to play a variety of games. Due to this, it has facilities for all outdoor and indoor games. It has a big playground and park equipment is designed especially for pre-primary students. 

Swimming pool is also there with separate changing rooms. And The puddle pool is designed for toddlers. 

VSI International school has smart classrooms that have brought a complete transformation in the learning process and make it easy and interactive. And bring improvement in teacher’s effectiveness and productivity of students.Math Lab,ComputerLab and science Lab are there in VSI International school.


VSI International School is one of the Academically recommended schools in Jaipur. VSI International School is the best senior secondary School and best play school In Jaipur. VSI International school has a good academics record. VSI School conducts so many activities to develop their students and give them experience for life. VSI International school has created Excellent academics records that determine its efficiency as a best school in Jaipur.

Safe and secure

Safety of students is the prime motto of VSI school. That’s why VSI school maintains such an atmosphere that has no loops and holes in the matter of security of students. Not only security, a clean and organized environment is also provided to students that puts a positive impact on students.

  Well qualified and supportive Teachers

The VSI School has well-qualified teachers who are experts in their subjects. They are supportive and caring teachers. Who pays individual attention to every student. And the teachers have an influential personality that directly impacts students. VSI school teachers are very well experienced and well qualified. They respond quickly and have problem-solving.

Extracurricular Activities

VSI International school considers the importance of extracurricular activities to provide overall development opportunities to their students. VSI International school ensures equal participation of students in  cultural and other co curricular activities so that every students enhance their skills of teamwork, managerial and leadership. And the School also organizes creative activities to create intuitive and intellectual skills in students.

Affordable Fee Structure

VSI International School’s mission is to educate all. School fees are meagre so that middle-class families can afford them. Low fees and high-quality education is the most powerful strategy of VSI school.

All these characteristics of VSI international school attracts parents and they consider VSI International school as the best school in Jaipur.


award picture

VSI International school has achieved one milestone by Honorable Education Minister of Rajasthan in 2017.

The takeaway of the blog

VSI International school ensures that every student achieves his or her academic objective. Admit your ward to VSI International school for quality education and betterment and give him/her a wonderful life long.

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