Which Properties Are Included In Silicon Rubber Profile?

Silicon Rubber is the name we give silicon products due to its rubber like structure. It contains, as well as silicone, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Silicon itself is a polymer, which makes the silicon rubber basically polymer in nature. Silicone Rubber Profile may also contain fillers to make it make cost effective or to improve a certain property.

It is an extremely high performing class of polymers, which is used in numerous critical applications across various industries. It has qualities that make it appropriate for very demanding applications. Simultaneously, silicon is easy to produce and cost effective. Hence, its usage has been gradually increasing it first appeared as a commercial product for manufacturing. This rubber has certain properties that put it far above organic or other type of rubbers.

Here provide the information about which properties are included in the Silicone Rubber?

1. Resistance to High or Low Temperatures

This rubber has one of the best resistivity to temperature limits. Studies have revealed that it can withstand temperatures as high as 350°C for short time, 200°C for around 10,000 hours & 150°C indefinitely. One the other end of the range, it can comfortably withstand temperatures of -60°C – -70°C with several products able to bear temperatures as low as – 100°C

This resistance to great heat and cold is one of the reasons for the popularity of this rubber profiles in the manufacturing sector. Unlike other rubbers, it does not become brittle in great temperature and retains it flexibility. Consequently, it is used in high heat applications like automobile engines or very cold environment for example in aerospace.

2. Weather Ability

Weather capacity or the ability to weather environmental changes is extremely high in silicon, much better than common rubber; it can be exposed to wind, rain UV rays & sun for prolonged periods without any deterioration. It is additionally very good at withstanding ozone degradation which has very little effect on its reliability. This makes it useful for numerous outdoor applications including wearables.

3: Steam and Moisture Resistance

You can submerge silicon rubber in freezing, boiling or normal water from a delayed period and see practically no change in its physical properties. This is why numerous underwater installations use this rubber for critical applications like sealing. Even more significant is the response of silicon rubber profile to steam. Where other rubber will get worse in the presence of steam, silicon rubber shows no change. Nevertheless, it ought to be noted that it does react to pressurized steam when the force keeps increasing. This property is one of the reasons silicon is as popular as wearable’s in high moisture conditions.

3. Electrical Insulation

Silicon rubber is one of the most useful components when it comes to insulating materials. Its insulating properties remain constant in various environments, temperatures and frequency, making it exclusively appropriate for electronic insulation. It can withstand corona discharge & will be effectual as insulating material even when immersed in water. It is today the preferred material when working with high voltage.

4. Chemical, Oil and Solvent Resistance

Like lots of rubbers, silicon rubber also has high resistance to oils, chemicals & solvents. While silicon rubber’s resistance to oils may not be equivalent to certain other organic rubber, its performance under high temperature puts it ahead of others. It is basically unaffected by most chemicals and solvents, as well as polar organic compounds and dilute acids and bases. Even in non polar organic compounds, silicon will not simply decompose. Several solvents can soften the material. Strong acids and bases will also harmfully affect silicon. But on the whole, silicon has a far superior resistivity than other rubbers.

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