What to Look for – and Why – in Clips and Magazines for Sale

So you’re looking for clips and magazines for sale – one or the other, depending on how your firearm feeds its action. Either way, there are some things in common between them, generally, that you’ll want to look out for to ensure you’re getting quality when you pull the trigger; on buying a new magazine, that is.

Puns and wordplay aside, a magazine or a clip that doesn’t work is useless, unless you’re just building a display. Here are some of the things to look out for when you’re shopping for clips and mags for sale, or clips or gun magazines, whichever is in question.

1. Signs of proper maintenance – Whether you’re looking for a box rifle magazine or even a high capacity magazine like a drum magazine, you need to look for signs of proper maintenance. If the part is used, signs of wear are acceptable, but rust, pitting or components that appear to be in disrepair are not. Remember, a mag has a lot more going inside than meets the eye, so if the outside is in poor shape, it’s probably not holding up too well on the inside.

2. A strong internal spring or springs – The springs that organize and feed the rounds from the mag or clip toward the action are critical to the smooth and practical operation of the magazine. If they are fatigued or stretched, the magazine won’t work, or it will feed off some of the rounds before giving up. Basically, if the mag doesn’t have good working springs on the inside, it’s not worth much more than for a display. Again, if that’s what you’re going for that’s fine, but if not, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

3. Followers that are there – and well kept – Springs aren’t the only thing on the inside of a magazine that need to work properly in order for it to be an operable mag or clip. The follower, which “follows” the final round and ensures the mag feeds till empty, is also critical to the operation of the part. If the follower is cracked, broken or missing, the mag may not feed all of the rounds. If it impacts how the rounds lay stacked in the magazine, it may not feed any.

4. Fitness to your platform as well as adequate capacity – Naturally, a magazine or a clip is worth little to nothing if it is not compatible with whatever firearm you’re shopping for. Looks can be deceiving, so be certain.

5. Undamaged catches and retention features – A mag might look like it’s in great shape but then drop right out of the housing when you try to fit it into the firearm. Make sure that catches and other retention features are in working order.

6. Anything else you want – If you’ve accounted for these facets, you can pretty much go however you choose. The only things that matter after this are anything else you want, so think on it and get to looking for the clips and magazines for sale that meet your wants.

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