Saturday, December 4th, 2021

What to Do with Old Laptops

Like most things, What to Do with Old Laptops. The estimated life of a laptop is roughly 3–5 years.

It sounds like you have multiple problems related to multiple components. Based on your details, it sounds as if the battery is failing, the internals are dusty preventing adequate air flow, and the hard drive is probably pretty dated as well.

In these type situations, I’d normally recommend the owner start by physically cleaning the dust out of the laptop and look into replacing the battery where possible and knowledgeable. A battery can cost as low as $20 and go from there based on the specific battery your laptop requires. There are tutorials of how to clean dust out of your laptop on YouTube or you can generally pay someone about $25–50 to do it for you.

Ultimately the worrying part is that the laptop doesn’t have much of an expected life left. So the way I see it, you hypothetically can invest $75 for a new battery (assuming it’s replaceable), $60 for a new faster hard drive, and roughly $100 for someone to install the drive and clean the dust out of the laptop. That’s roughly $235.
OR, based on the amount of processing power you need, you can basically double that and purchase a new entry-level but suitable laptop to replace your existing laptop.

How much longer will the repaired laptop work and be effective? That’s a good question.
Is it worth investing in a new laptop? If you have the money, this would be my recommendation.
What about the data on the old laptop? Upload it to an online storage location, then download it to your new laptop.
What do I do with the old laptop after transferring the files? You can recycle it with a local technology recycling center in your area.
Is there another option aside from repairing or replacing the laptop? The third and final option would be dealing with the problem(s) until the laptop finally quits being effective in any capacity.

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