What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely. This job entails assessing and handling repairs, performing regular inspections, and updating aircraft as needed. Individuals in this role must be trained and Certified, as well as compliant with all Federal Aviation Administraion (FAA) regulations. Hours may vary based on the company they work for, but emergency repairs may occur and make for long hours.

Performing Maintenance: Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Aircraft ensure safety across assigned aircraft. In order to do this, they perform maintenance, both scheduled and emergency. This can include dismelting, inspecting, testing, repairing and reassembling aircraft engines; installing electricals circuits; testing aircraft communication equipment, aircraft instrumentation, and electronic systems; replacing and testing aircraft oxygen system components; assembling parts and sub assembling of aircraft frames; and conducting routine preflight inspections of engines and mechanical systems. They are also required to keep detailed records of the maintenance performed.

Maintain Facilities: Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required to maintain their company’s facilities and equipment as directed by the leadership team. This ordering parts and supplies as needed.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Streams

AME Course Streams are classified into two categories:-

  • A:- A is the license for the engineer who can maintain, repair, and troubleshoot the simple defect of an aircraft.
    • A1:- A1 license holder solve the simple defect in aeroplane with jet engine.
    • A2:- A2 license holder rectify and repair the simple defect in aeroplane with piston engine.
    • A3:- A3 licensed AME maintain, repair, and solve the simple defect in helicopter with jet engine.
    • A4:- A4 licensed AME maintain, repair, and solve the simple defect in helicopter with piston engine.
  • B1:- B1 is the license for mechanical stream in aircrafts. The mechanical stream is related to the components such as Fuselage, Landing Gear, and Wings etc. This license have further divided in the following categories:-
    • B1.1:- License B1.1 certifies the aeroplanes with Jet Engine.
    • B1.2:- License B1.2 certifies the aeroplanes with Piston Engine.
    • B1.3:- License B1.3 certifies the helicopters with Jet Engine.
    • B1.4:- License B1.4 certifies the helicopters with Piston Engine.
  • B2:- B2 is the license for avionics stream in aircrafts. The avionics stream is related to the electronics system. This license can be attained in following categories:-
    • Electrical System
    • Instrumental System
    • Radio Navigation and Communication

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