What Is The Importance Of Divorce Records? And How To Access It?

The Department of Vital Records documents any divorce that occurs. This material in the form of a divorce record is then made available to the general public. Any citizen can access those documents by sending an application to the department concerned. But only eligible divorce parties may have access to the approved copy of the divorce certificate.

Divorce records usually contain the following information:

  1. Names of the couple divorced
  2. Date and location of the divorce
  3. Reason for the divorce
  4. County and state where it is filed
  5. Filing number

Some divorce records may also provide additional information as follows:


  1. Distribution of assets
  2. Children in the marriage(If any)
  3. Custody arrangements
  4. Court order for child support
  5. Court order for alimony

Why do you need them?

Through divorce documents, you can validate a person’s identity and also conduct background checks. They serve as an essential proof of information verifying that the divorce has indeed taken place. If a person intends to remarry, it’ll be vital to furnish divorce certificates to obtain remarrying legal permission.

In cases of uncontested divorces, there are chances that the respondent party may not be aware of the divorce settlement. In such cases, these documents are necessary to prove that marriage’s dissolution has indeed been finalized in the Court of Law. A divorce record may be beneficial for women intending to remove their ex-husband’s surname from their names.

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