What Is Distance Learning? And Why Is It So Important?

Bringing education to the people is more important than bringing people to the education.

Distance learning is the term given to an educational process where students don’t need to go to college daily and can continue with their education at the comfort of their time, place and schedule. 

There are numerous colleges offering a large number of campus programmes, but there has always been a growing need for off-campus programmes for students who can’t make it to college daily. And so, distance education came into existence. 

The “distance” between a learner and teacher is bridged through distance education.

Earlier in the times, distance education meant just correspondence education where off-campus programmes were designed and students didn’t need to come to college daily. They were provided with printed study material to ease their self-learning process and they have to come to their respective Study centres to give examinations.

Apart from this method, there is another way of distance learning, and that is online learning. It is also one of the most preferred methods of learning during the pandemic. Online learning during Covid attracted people like anything. Students were unable to enrol for a regular course due to social distancing and didn’t want to waste an academic year of their education, therefore the best thing that came to the rescue was online learning programmes, that helped many people to study during the corona crisis.

Many students enrolled on online courses to adopt virtual learning. This is implemented through e-tools by Universities to give the students the best learning experience. This includes the use of a Learning Management System (LMS), e-books, digital textbooks, virtual classes, recorded lectures, video conferencing, e-library and many more, as designed by the Institution. Due to the fast-pacing demand for such courses, many Universities have started introducing specialized distance programmes to reach the unreached, especially to facilitate and spread education amidst the pandemic. All you need is a system and a stable network connection and your college is at your home.

Whereas the various Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) require no approval, all programmes leading to the award of degrees have to be approved by the regulator, that is, the University Grants Commission (UGC). 

The major importance of distance learning is because of the incessant benefits it brings along.


The major importance of Distance learning methods is because it provides way more flexibility than regular courses. It provides the students to learn on the go as per schedules of their convenience. It provides the flexibility of time, place and schedule without disturbing their other tasks as it is remote based and students can complete their education without having to do to college daily.

Low fees

These courses are not financially straining like the regular courses. If you need to enrol for a regular course in a decent University, you need to be ready with a handsome amount of money. There could be times where you can’t enrol for a course just because of its high fees. But distance education solves these problems, quite effectively. The fees of distance courses, whether correspondence or online are comparatively much lower than that of regular on-campus programmes.

No age limit

If you could not complete your studies ‘on time’, or have to drop your higher education in between the session, you can restart your academic graph whenever you want. There is no maximum age limit in the distance method of learning, unlike the regular mode. Even if you’re 40 and want to complete your studies, distance education will help you do that.

E-learning resources

If you feel that you’d be unable to get the most out of this study method, then you should know what facilities this mode of learning. Universities ensure that the e-learners get the best learning experience as they get in the campus studies. It is made possible through various e-learning resources and tools such as digital textbooks, quick learning book, simulated case studies, practical assignments, online discussion forums, web resources for research, gamified practice tests and other latest technology methods as designed by the University. 


The distance method saves time by providing flexibility in time and schedule. You can manage other tasks at home or continue with your employment while completing your education. It also saves travel time since your college is at home and you don’t need to go anywhere to attend classes. The time saved can be utilized for other productive tasks.

Study-life balance

There could be people who are busy in their personal life, have kids to take care of, running a business or just can’t find time to attend regular classes. But they have been willing to complete or upgrade their education. The distance method of learning brings a study-life balance for them as they can manage both without compromising anything.

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