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What Is DevOps and How It Can Create Better Career Opportunities For IT Professionals?

DevOps is a combination of the two words “Dev” for development and “Ops” for operations.

There is a lot of conflict between these two teams in every organization, like the software runs on the developer’s laptop but doesn’t work in a production environment.

DevOps provides a single team to manage the entire application. DevOps is an approach for developers and operations team to work together. So using DevOps increases production and helps deliver results to clients quickly and on a quality basis.

DevOps Phases and Tools

Now we will discuss the various phases involved in DevOps and the multiple tools available for those.


  • Planning
  • Coding
  • Building
  • Testing


Planning – In planning, we get the client’s requirements and start planning for the application.


Coding – When the planning is done, we can start programming, and we have several developers to write code.

Build- Once the coding is done, the build lifecycle is included. The building life cycle provides:

  • Validation of the application.
  • Compiling the application.
  • Packaging the application and unit tests integration tests, all these things are done in build.

Testing- Once the build is completed, the application is deployed to test servers for testing.

When the test is finished, it is deployed to the prod server for release, and nag tools are constantly monitoring it.

We use various tools to build applications, such as a Java application. We use a veteran tool, and for testing, i.e. end-user testing or functional testing, we use selenium.

Then, to publish the app to the prod servers, we use Ansible, puppet, and chef. Prod server tools are called configuration management tools.

While using DevOps, the most popular integration tool is called “Jenkins”. Jenkins has 2500 plugins for various development, testing and deployment technologies.

DevOps Certification

Certifications are more than you do in skills and experience and make you a potential IT employee. Certification makes your career easier. Ducat provides Noida’s best DevOps training and certification to learners and builds their career as a DevOps engineer. DevOps certification is available at Red Hat, Amazon web services, and DevOps organizations. The Ducat course in DevOps is designed like in-depth knowledge. Ducat offers tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, puppet, Ansible, and Kubernetes. All these tools are in great demand in the market. The most popular tools available on the market are the docker and dummies.

Not only can we learn about these tools but we give you the knowledge about where and how to use these tools and get maximum output for creating a DevOps engineer.

Tools used in DevOps.

Git- Git is a version control tool or, say, a source code management tool. It is a decentralized and most famous tool, and most companies preferred to use it.

Jenkins- Jenkins is a continuous integration tool. It consists of various plugins.

Puppet- puppet is used for configuration management and deployment tool.

Ansible- Ansible is also configuration management and deployment tool.

Nagios- Nagios is a continuous monitoring tool.


Many DevOps training institutes in Noida are available, but we can focus on innovative ideas, highly qualified training and 100% Job Assistance. Our accredited Trainers are ready to resolve the problems and answer your questions. We can provide labs facilities, i.e. live environment, to apply what you have learned quickly. We can help to achieve your goals to our preferred learning style.

Benefits of DevOps training program

In DevOps Training, we focused 80% on practical-based training that certified and highly qualified trainers train. Training will provide classroom, and virtual both are available. On weekdays and weekend, both batches are available.

Once the training completes, the placement panel will coordinate with the candidate and schedule their interviews with companies.

Bhupendra Dwivedi is research analyst at Ducat India which is a best IT platform to learn. Ducat live and virtual training courses with recognized accreditation. Our team addresses the significant requirements of the students and working professionals by fragmenting a distinctive and innovative course structure to bring forth most promising results.

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