What Happens When You Put In A Ticket For A Wi-Fi Problem?

So you have a problem with your internet connection and everything you try doesn’t immediately solve it – what do you do now? In the olden days, you’d have to sit on the phone for hours, waiting your turn and trying to find something to do to kill time. Often, the end result would be hours wasted just to have a technician come to your home, which would inevitably take up more of your time.

However, thanks to CBRS devices and the marvels of modern technology, the process has changed quite a bit. Here is an overview of what happens when you put in a ticket.

AI Scans The Message For Keywords

The first thing that happens is that a robot will scan over your message, trying to pull out keywords to figure out the problem. If it is a problem that someone else has reported, and it is found to be a widespread issue, you may get an automatic reply that says they know about the problem and they are working on it. 

If they can’t pull any keywords from your ticket, it may go to a customer service representative who will then sort it.

Technicians Try To Solve The Problem Virtually

Thanks to new technology built into our equipment, there isn’t a need for you to sit online with a technician or even schedule a time for them to come to visit. Instead, they will virtually access your router or other equipment to see if they can solve the problem from there. 

If it was a widespread problem, they may have been working on a patch before you even noticed it. They will send out updates to your router and equipment to get it working properly again. You may notice your equipment turn on and off a few times, which is completely normal.

They Test To See If The Problem Will Return

They won’t just fix the problem and go – instead, they will test to see if there is any chance that the problem will come back again. This helps them create reports and understand what caused the problem in the first place. It also helps to ensure the problem doesn’t come back again in a few hours.

At this point, they may realize that they do need to send someone to your property, especially if they can instantly recreate the problem. This is extremely rare. 

Your Problem Is Placed On A Map

Even if the problem was solved and even if you were the only one to face it, they still document your issue. The best telecommunications companies will put your problem onto a heatmap to see if there are any patterns. This will help them to keep your service strong and working properly. It can also help them to spot any future problems that could develop.

Not all companies have this technology, but the best ones do. Look for ones that have the latest technology from companies like ETI.

You Get To Use Your WiFi Again

There you go. In just a short time where you can do something else, you can use your Wi-Fi again easily. If there is extensive damage to something external, like wires, it may take some more time. However, those problems don’t happen all that often.

If you notice there is still a problem, you can put in another ticket, but you will usually be fast-tracked and your problem will be solved even faster. The best thing you can do is have patience. 


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