What does a Scottish man wear under his kilt?

When it comes to fashion for men that looks very sexy and inviting, most people will jump to underwear or tank-tops. However, one clothing article that works wonders in making a man unique and inviting is the kilt. Think about it. You can’t wear underwear in public – that only does its magic in the bedroom.

When you think music festival, you think of a rowdy, crazy, upbeat, and exciting time. The best part about this is that you can have the ability to make/wear outfits that speak to those same levels of volume and excitement. For the next time you want to be accessible and vibe to your favorite artist’s songs at a festival – look for kilts for men for an exciting new outfit style. In this article, we’re going to go over a few different types of mens kilts for sale as well as ways to wear them.

The Different Types of Kilts for Men:

So, fashionably speaking, kilts come in a few different flavors. There’s the plaid look that you may already be familiar with, and then there are the less common denim kilts, towel wrap kilts, and lastly, some more frayed-looking kilts for men.

Plaid kilts for men are usually the most versatile and one you see the most often, for they have a recognizable look even if you weren’t at a festival. The Irish and Scottish kilt originated out of Scotland and Ireland as far back as the end of the 16th century. 

They have since been on and off sight at medieval re-enactments or similar events like music festivals. Lastly, some people genuinely love kilts’ look and feel, so they wear them daily.

Less commonly, denim kilts for sale are a somewhat more modern appeal to the kilt’s look, sporting the indigo denim you all know and love alongside some more durable pockets. As for frayed mens kilts for sale, the frayed term implies that these mens kilts have slits in the bottom’s fabric. 

This gives the utility kilt a more tunic-like look. (They are all essentially tunics, but more medieval if that makes sense). Men in kilts that look like towels are interesting. They look like you just hopped out of the shower and have a towel wrapped around you.

 These are more effective than the good old towel, as they usually have pockets for your things and sport a wrap that is less likely to unravel itself (though some of you might not like that). Towel wraps are likely best utilized in a gym setting, but I felt it worthy of making sure you were aware of them!

How to Rock Your New Utility Kilt at The Festival:

First things first, you’re going to be doing a lot of jumping at the festival – so make sure the sport kilt fits right and that you have on some underwear underneath. If you don’t have underwear, let’s say you may be flashing everyone your package a lot more than you may like.

As for a top, you can rock a plaid that matches your kilt’s style or just a plain old white t-shirt as white goes with almost any form of plaid or denim that you may have selected. To spice up this look, I would suggest longer socks with stripes and some comfortable shoes as you may be standing for long periods while at the venue.

Whether you’re wearing a traditional Scottish kilt or gothic leather kilt, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are, especially compared to pants. Instead of feeling all bunched up around the groin, your legs get complete freedom to move, skip, and jump. It might feel a little too freeing at first, but once you get used to feeling a slight extra breeze down there, you might find yourself swapping your PJ pants for a utility kilt.

For guys that live in hot climates all year round, mens kilts are unbelievably cooling. It’s one of those benefits that you don’t think about until you’re regretfully in a hot place and your legs are drenched in sweat from thick jeans.

When choosing the most breathable kilt fabric, you should refrain from the traditional heavy wool used for the classic Scottish or Irish kilt. Instead, try a sport utility kilt made from a lightweight cotton blend for the airiest feel.

There’s nothing wrong with imitating someone else’s style, but you shouldn’t copy an outfit just because you saw Jared Leto style it that way. It can be a major turn-off if you’re wearing a modern kilt outfit that doesn’t fit your everyday style. Your date will only see right through you if you’re not yourself.

As a result, they might distance themselves or cut the night short, which is the last thing you want, especially if you’re really into this person.


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