What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel

At PASCAL, we are the leading 11 KV VCB Panel Manufacturer in India. We offer an excellence range of VCB Panel to our customers all over India. Our VCB Panel is manufactured using better-quality components and superior technology in compliance with the strict industry norms and standards. It is secure to use and delivers high performance results. We also provide these VCB Panels in different specifications, which meet the various necessities of the clients.


VCB Panel (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) is one among different valuable Circuit Breakers that work truly well to deliver superior protection for electricity system in your home. This is a certain Breaker that is used to give higher protection for any electricity system in medium and high voltage circuits. Consequently, any risk of dangerous situations for example fire could be definitely reduced.

Just like different types, this breaker works to break the circuit to stop electrical power flows through it. It will decrease the risk of fires, power surges, and some other dangerous problems that might arise. Vacuum Breaker has been used since around 1920s and these days numerous companies have manufactured this supply in better technology to provide higher security.

We are a well-known VCB Panel Supplier in India. We are providing this Panel in regular VCB panels and Indoor VCB Panels & Outdoor VCB Panels in modified forms. Manufactured using accuracy engineered components these VCB Panels deliver outstanding services. We can customize the variety of VCB Panel as per the customer’s specification at marketing leading prices.

Benefits of Using Panel

This Panel is a kind of circuit breaker where the arc quenching happens in vacuum atmosphere. VCB technology is perfect for medium voltage apps. Users can avail the technology for superior voltage; however it is not commercially feasible. Material utilized for electricity carrying contacts is important as the performance of each VCB panels, as well as 22 KV VCB panel relies on it. CuCr is a perfect material utilize by engineers to produce VCB contacts. However, it is still in the line of development technology and they are working durable on this developing technology.

Indoor/Outdoor Control Relay Panels

Vacuum Circuit Breaker is famous technology nowadays and is also well-known as the most dependable current interruption technology for medium voltages switchgears. Different other relay control panel, VCB needs less maintenance.

 You can expect longer service life in case you are using vacuum circuit breakers over different types of circuit breakers. Unlike oil circuit breakers, you don’t have to worry about fire accidents while using VCB. Your VCB panel is eco friendly and user-friendly. There is no difficulty faced by user or engineer while replacing defective or damaged vacuum interrupter.

We proud to be the part of the best group of firms who quality to listed among the best advanced HT  VCB Control Panel manufactures and suppliers from India. At PASCAL, our expert researches use most recent technological developments and use them to develop features that make our HT VCB Control Panel be notable and apart from other similar products available in the market.

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