Well-Designed Book Covers are Vital to Book Publicity

The most useful book promotion services depend on many factors – and a book’s cover is a significant one. It needs to be professionally executed along with the back cover, title, subtitle, and author photo. When any of these is not given enough attention, a book’s publicity valuer and chances for success are often diminished. It’s crucial to hire a graphic designer who has successful experience in creating book covers. Book design is a specific skill requiring knowledge of trends in imagery, colors, and typography – not to mention expertise in print production and e-book presentation.

Covers set the tone for the book and it is crucial to recognize their importance. There are many details to consider throughout the process, such as the need for the cover to work in thumbnail size for booksellers online. In many cases, readers discover a book while browsing online, and an eye-catching thumbnail can be what draws their click to find out more. Sometimes exceptionally well-written books have poorly designed covers and because of them do not do well. If you’re a self-published author, give yourself the benefit of an excellent cover. It’s also important to interest the media who will review your work.

Along with the cover design, selecting a strong title is essential. The most effective titles are a combination of creativity and market research. Well-written titles help differentiate a book, which is especially important for non-fiction books. It needs to explain what problem the book solves – which is why many readers will decide to buy a copy. Fiction authors have more creative leeway. For all books, the title needs to make the book’s tone and genre apparent to target buyers. For example, you need to convey whether it is serious, humorous, playful, self-help, or a murder mystery.

Next up is the sub-title, which for book promotion purposes is one of the essential elements. Sub-titles tell people who the book is for and why it is crucial. When it comes time for publicity and pitches to media, the sub-title is often one of the most effective ways to get across what the book is about quickly. The back cover copy also plays an important supporting role. It needs to summarize the book and entice people to want to buy a copy to read. The back covers of non-fiction books should list the author’s credentials in a brief but compelling form – and add a high-quality author photo.

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