Vegetable plants that can be grown in pots

You should reduce the use of air conditioners and vehicles because these are also the reason for global warming apart from industries. This is hard for many people to completely avoid these things as most of their work is dependent on these and some people have also become addicted to these but everything is possible, so their habit of using these things can also be changed. They must think about the environment in which they are living for which they should grow more and more plants and trees to compensate for the loss they have caused or even causing to the environment. The existence of plants and trees is crucial for the environment. Growing vegetable plants adds to the benefits as you can have your own organic food and you can be self-sufficient, so order plants online especially of vegetables where they provide small plants of these vegetables or you can buy the seeds as well. You can not give this lame excuse that you can not grow plants in your house because you do not have any garden because there are many vegetable plants that you can grow in planters and some of them are listed below. 


There are multiple varieties of basil and all of them can be grown in pots. You can have this benefit of using freshly plucked leaves of holy basil or Tulsi in your tea or you can have the regular supply of leaves of Thai basil for use in your pasta. You can grow this plant in pots of six to seven inches. 


Carom also known as ajwain in Hindi, is a kind of plant which requires more sunlight and less water. Giving more water to this plant can actually damage this plant. The leaves of the plant are edible and are good for digestion, so get the online delivery of indoor plants of carom and have them in your house. You can also give this plant to the people who are suffering from digestion problems as there is no better treatment than that using these herbs because these have no side effects like that of medicines. You can plant this in a small pot. 


We eat many kinds of dishes made of spinach in the winter season as this is the vegetable of the winter season. If you do cooking in your house, then you would be aware of the fact that the more the fresh would be the leafy vegetables the more tasty would be the dish and the aroma would also be more, therefore if you want to eat fresh spinach then you would have to to this small effort of growing this plant which can also save your money. 


Fennel or Saunf is known for its strong and sweet flavor. This is also a kind of vegetable which requires sunlight water to grow well. Buy the seeds of this plant and grow them in a planter of six to seven inches or you can even buy the plant online where you can find the small plant of fennel in any planter of your choice.


This green vegetable has many nutrients and it is used in many dishes. These grow in vines, so you should cut the side growth of the vines to make them grow in an upward direction. In this way, the plant will not occupy the space horizontally but vertically and this can be helpful for you if you are living in an apartment or have less space. It would be appropriate if you grow capsicum in pots but bigger than that of herbs and summers are good for growing them. 


You can grow gourds of any kind in your house like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, or ridge gourd as all can grow well in the summer season. All these kinds of gourds grow in vines and pruning should also be for these vegetables in order to grow them in the desired shape. There can be one extra work for you while growing these vegetables that there can be a requirement of hand pollination by you where you will have to transfer pollen from male flower to female flower. These should also be grown in pots of relatively big size. 


You can grow them in a planter of eleven inches and should place them under the sun. The flowers of okra or ladyfinger require proper sunlight to grow. In the case of okra as well, you will have to do hand pollination of flowers if there will no insects li

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