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TP Link Wifi Extender Setup For You

TP Link Wifi Extender Setup” is easy when you are equipped with the right information and follow the standard guidelines. Today we help you set up a tp-link extender with your existing router. In this same post, we will also help you understand the default IP of the TP-Link extender what is If anything goes wrong while tp link wifi extender setup we will guide you to troubleshoot or reset the TP-Link extender to start over.

TP Link Wifi Extender Setup

we all know that a range extender will help you boost the signal strength for your existing router Or Access point Network. Nowadays Most router Comes with a good Coverage However if you have a big home, Thin Walls Or area of Multiple Story to cover Then range extender is the best thing to use.


Let’s Get started On How to set up the tp link extender with Router.


Note- if you have an older tp link extender that you trying to set up again Please consider a hard reset on the extender before installation.


Range extenders are mostly Plug and play devices but few Things You Will Need Before Installing TP-Link Range Extender.


Things You Need –


  • An Ethernet Cable (Optional )
  • Main Wireless Device( Wireless Router ) & Information About wireless Such as Network Name(SSID), Wireless Password, Encryption Type.
  • Default Ip Know as Default Gateway for Tp-link range extender.
  • Device With a Full browser such as chrome, firefox, safari, etc.
  • Working Router and internet connection.
  • Look At The Back Or Bottom of your TP-Link extender, you can see a Lable That Contains Default SSID(Network Name) & Password for your New Extender. You Can Also Look for a Configuration Card Under the Box of Tp-link Router for the Same Information.


Now You may be able to See Solid Led Lights On the Extender that Means the Setup was Successful & Now Use the Password to Connect With your New Extender & Enjoy Extended Wireless Network.


Tips- Make sure You Place your Extender to a Power Source Not far than 30-35 meters From Main Wireless Router.


In Any Case, if the Setup Fails to Work Please Reset Tplink Range extender to Default settings & Configure it Again 


We hope all this information helps you set up Tplink Range Extender. Please Let Us Know Via Comments if We can be of any more Help with Anything Related to Router & Extender.


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