Top Marketing Mistakes That Beginners Make

It is always exciting when you are first starting out your business. However, there is a learning curve that can mean that you end up making a few mistakes, especially in marketing. For some people, marketing comes naturally while for others it is something they learn about as they go along. To help you speed up the learning, curve here are the top marketing mistakes for you to avoid.

Top Marketing Mistakes


Perhaps the largest mistake that is made when it comes to marketing is by being reactive rather than proactive. Proactive means doing things in marketing before things happen for example before trends or seasons occur. Reactive means that all you are doing is reacting to things just as they happen. Obviously being proactive in your marketing will achieve greater success for your business.

The Solution: Devise a marketing and promotions calendar with long and short term goals and stick to it!


It is an often-made mistake to spend money on marketing as things come up especially for new businesses. Especially in the first year, it is easy to lose control of the money you spend on marketing as in the beginning you do not understand what things will cost. A good business knows how to manage their budget for their marketing dollars and account for where they are being spent.

The Solution: Plan in advance and budget based on research how much things may cost for marketing projects. Get as much information as you can on costs from other business owners and prepare accurate estimates so you have a good idea of what you may need to spend on marketing.


You are not alone especially if you are new to business in feeling overwhelmed about marketing and this can lead to you procrastinating on it because you are afraid about making the wrong decisions. Especially if you don’t like marketing, it can be easy to push that to the side and let it go by. But this is a big mistake. Marketing is like gardening, planting seeds that will grow later. You must take action by planting the seeds now so they grow and you can harvest the crop in the future.

The Solution: Initially complete the marketing and promotions calendar with short and long-term goals. Next set daily and weekly marketing tasks that take about 15 minutes to complete


We all make mistakes especially when we are new to the business so do not let that worry you. The important thing is when you make a marketing mistake dust yourself off and carry on in other words do not let it stop you. Learn from the mistake and constantly check on what works and continue to make improvements as you need to. In the beginning, you will be doing all the marketing however as your business grows you can look to hire somebody to manage your marketing. Marketing for your business is something that is just as important as accounting or paying your rent – doing this will help keep the rest of your business running smoothly. Now that you are aware of the commonly made marketing mistakes you can avoid them from the start and get your business off to a winning start.

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