Top freelancing websites in Pakistan for BSCS or Computer Science graduates

First of all, let’s clear about what is freelancing? Freelancing where you can do work in your own time and own space, there is no bound like 9 to 5 office.

Now the freelancing websites are that website who provides the work or projects to the freelancer or the skilled person to fulfill the job in the specific time period. The time deadline and the quality is the main focus of freelancing. You can work with international clients like telemarketing services and digital marketing.

So which Websites provide these projects or work?

Let’s go,


It is the highest freelancing platform where you can find the project or post the project for freelancing. Why I mentioned it in a 1st position, let’s discuss.

It is the genuine and fully payment proof website

It is genuinely away from spammers

It has the skilled person account

They review each account at the time of creation and then approve it for further procedure.

The site provides different badges like top-rated, high rates


Fiverr is the most reasonable and famous for a $5 dollar project. It has almost millions of the freelancer and has bit more competition for getting the projects easily.

It has the buyer request options for newly freelancers to get the project by requesting and show them your work. It is an internationally recognized and highly preferred freelancing website.

Everyone can create an account by filling in the details. They have not any approved system, at the time of creation, your account automatically live on the website and you will start to create the gig and start to work as a freelancer.

Freelancer is the old freelancing website mostly have the international client and have the best opportunity for the new or fresh freelancer to enhance their skills in their field by participating in the projects competitor.

There are almost hundreds of project lists in the competition and you have to check out the project conditions and requirements and submit it according to them.

If your bidding project has the best work and content according to the requirement and owner fulfillment then you will be the winner and the price is given to you.

People per hour:

People per Hour is an online network of independent ability that assists organizations with redistributing explicit ventures to telecommuters when required.

Cloud-based stages are making it simpler for firms to discover the individuals they need from a worldwide ability pool, and for specialists to publicize their aptitudes.

It has the best project and competition is a bit low because of the low freelancer community but has fast responsive clients and customers to apply for projects. It is the top 4th freelancing business website in Pakistan.


The Guru is the newly freelancing website that has continuously lots of increasing number of projects and freelancers.

It is the 5th freelancing website in Pakistan and mostly Pakistani nowadays prefer it, because of getting good freelancing projects and have many field projects including graphics designing, web development, SEO experts projects, Logo designing, brochure designing, android application development projects, and many other projects.


These websites are currently trending and top in the industry of freelancing and Pakistan is in the 3rd position for freelancers.

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