Top 7 reasons to get michigan medical marijuana card for doctors

“Why should I get a medical marijuana card if marijuana use is legal in Michigan?” patients frequently ask. Since December 1st, 2019, recreational or adult use of cannabis has been legal in Michigan. Our state had allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes ten years previously, in November of 2008. Here are reason for michigan medical marijuana card doctors you need to know.


In Michigan, many dispensaries only take medical patients, and the state regulates recreational dispensaries. Several states in the country have no laws prohibiting adult or recreational use. Many states, however, accept out-of-state medical cards. A medical patient in Nevada, for example, can “skip the line” and get speedier access to products. Other states are strictly medical. This is a limitation for those visiting or traveling to other states for extended periods. Access to medical-grade marijuana as a type of medication may be limited.

  1. Why get a medical marijuana card as a doctor

The people who get their cards online must have a genuine need to use medical marijuana. If you are not in the industry, you might be wondering what it does for the human body.

Doctors are an excellent resource for people who need to get their patients or friends into the business. Many of them have faced anti-marijuana attitudes in the past and may feel like the card is an oversight on society’s part.


Several rules and regulations restrict the type and potency of items. Medical patients have better access to a broader range of products and the actual amount of “medicinal” benefit available on the market. People living with Cancer, for example, who want a high-potency RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) product can get one with a michigan medical marijuana card doctors.



Many of my patients are looking for natural ways to treat their chronic health problems. They don’t want to get “high” in the traditional sense; instead, they look for non-pharmaceutical and safer solutions to their physical and emotional health problems. To put it clearly, cannabis does not have the same lethal potential as opioids (see my series of CBD articles published in BRICK, fall 2019 ). For the most part, cannabis has no major or severe adverse effects.


The number of people who have been able to wean off of their pain or psych meds in the last few years has humbled me in my experience assisting people in understanding cannabis treatment.


  1. The process and requirements for obtaining a certificate from the state of Michigan

A doctor’s prescription is the most reputable way to get your card. You may need to pay a fee, but you will be able to access MMJ at dispensaries all over the state. The fees are necessary because they improve the regulation and enforcement of michigan medical marijuana card doctors.

Medical conditions that qualify one for a card in Michigan include HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, and Chronic Pain. Some doctors will recommend patients for a card based on some of the side effects they suffer from.



As a doctor, I advocate for my patients, and I never want to propose something that could damage them. When it comes to marijuana products, Michigan has some of the most severe testing and safety regulations in the country. Analysis of cannabis products is critical for the creation of consumer-friendly goods. It also serves to inform the consumer about the potency and types of cannabinoids present and ensure that heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, microorganisms, and microbiological toxins are not present.



A medical marijuana card might save you a lot of money over time if you have a qualifying medical condition. The state of Michigan charges $40 (recently decreased from $60) for your card, which is valid for two years. Right now, the renewal charge is also $40. Then there’s the requisite physician certification, which entails a visit to michigan medical marijuana card doctors your qualifying condition and files the state’s mandatory application form. The cost of this service varies (between $70-150) based on the quality of the advice or service provided.

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