Time Limit for Car Insurance Claims in Singapore

If you’re a person who drives then accidents are something that you need to be wary of. However, in any case, if you get caught up in one, claiming for insurance may be a process new to you. This is why insurance claims are necessary for you. No matter what coverage you have, knowing the claim time will benefit you. Let’s look into the car accident insurance claim time limit in Singapore.

Reporting the accident to your insurer

Reporting is one of the basic steps that you need to take while claiming insurance. The General Insurance Association of Singapore mandates that an incident need to be reported to your respective insurer within 24 hours or within the next working day itself. Subsequently, bringing the car to a reporting center certified by your insurer is essential. Even if your car has sustained little to no damage it is recommended that you bring your car for inspection. Otherwise, your No Claim Discount (NCD) is likely to be forfeited or reduced by 10 %. You can contact an insurance agency online to get more details regarding this issue!

Filing of a police report

Filing a police report after an accident is a rule of thumb no one should ignore. Irrespective of the damage and the nature of the case, a police report is beneficial as it is a written record of the incident. For cases where there is a car accident injury claim in Singapore due to a hit and run, or any person is unconscious after the accident, the report needs to be filed within 24 hours. For accidents with government vehicles or government property, 24 hours is the stipulated time. It is recommended, that you file a police report within 24-hours even for cases falling outside the suggested purview. Since a police report is an essential part of the documentation, delays are harmful to your claim prospect. You’ll find several insurance agency portals online that help you to file a police report with ease!

Medical reports

For a car accident injury claim in Singapore, medical reports play an essential role. For filing a successful claim, you will need a copy of the treatment records. It includes the cost of paramedics, X-rays, other scans, hospitalization, medicine, physical therapy, and follow-up appointments. Waiting too long before seeking medical treatment and filing a claim is highly discouraged as it often leads insurers to believe that the injuries were not caused by the accident. Several insurance agencies have smooth procedures and help desks that guide you properly in filling out all the relevant documents. We recommend you make use of them to ensure you can claim successfully! 

Accidents should be reported within 24 hours and it can be a tedious process to put up a claim.It is recommended that you contact a company providing road accident services in this scenario. These companies can guide you through the necessary details of the issue and also help you to successfully file your claim!

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