Things To Remember For Choosing Best Schools In Gurgaon

To choose a school for children is a difficult decision, you have to remember a lot of points while choosing a school. In this blog you are going to find out what things should you remember while choosing a best schools in gurgaon.

There are many schools in gurgaon which are excellent in most of the aspects but you have o find the all rounder in them. There is a school called GD Goenka Signature School which is worth to check out. It stands in all the criterias as one of the best schools in gurgaon.

1-Quality of Education

The goal of the school is to enhance the child’s performance in every aspect but there is the main concept behind it is to educate them. The school comes under top 10 CBSE school in Delhi NCR area and the school believes in the quality of education not highly focused in marks. This school believes in a comprehensive education with sincerity, dedication, and excellence so that a child is nurtured with good values. The School provides a student-friendly environment and follows the CBSE guidelines for the education which is accredited from CBSE Delhi. What presents see after having a view of school is how much comfortable it will be for the child as it is one of the most important aspects of school because if the child is not comfortable then it doesn’t matter how great the school is and this GD Goenka Signature School stands pretty high in this aspect.

2-School Reachability

The child should travel less and study more and for that point this school stands pretty well. The school is located in Sohna road which is reachable to everyone in gurgaon. The school also provides transportation system and the mode is bus. The buses are well equipped and ready for any mishappening, the drivers are well trained. And if you are coming from another state then you just have to take a cab from Delhi airport and then it will take 30 minutes to reach there.

Facilities Provided By School


As a parent, everyone worries about their children’s health, but the school provides two infirmaries, one is located in the academic block while the second is located in the boarding house. The doctors and ambulance are on call at all times.

Boarding House

The boarding facilities not only enjoyed by the international or out of station students but also by the weakly boarders. Reaching here is quite simple as it is just a thirty minutes drive from IGI airport to the school.

World Class Suits

In terms of quality, it provides an excellent environment for students. The girls and boys reside in different boarding houses. The rooms are air-conditioned with four beds along with separate.

Meals And Nutrition

Students are provided with a healthy buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner with adequate care to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is served.

The serving is done in a comforting environment. A menu is scheduled so that it appeals to the students who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall is a cheerful place where students not only eat a nutritious meal but also catch up with friends and relax. These entire facilities make this school comes under the best boarding school in India.

know more about the school check out the brochure of the GD Goenka SignatureSchool-

GD Goenka Signature School Opp.
GD Goenka University Sohna Road

Contact Number – 9810910000

Email- [email protected], [email protected]

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