Friday, December 3rd, 2021

The procedure of the extension of the Turkish visa

It is better to manage your visit to Turkey, if you need to extend your visit to the country and your Turkish visas online expire then you need an extension in the visa to Turkey. You can stay for 30 days, during one visit to Turkey, and the validity of your e visa Turkey is for 90 days. It is better to check the current Turkey visa requirements for various countries as the visa for Turkey is quite relaxed for some countries like the USA and the European Union countries, all this is done to promote tourism in the country. 

There are certain ways to extend your visa, we are discussing them in this article:

The Turkish visas online for various countries

When you are going to visit the country it is better to check the Turkey visa requirements for your specific country. There are certain countries like the USA and the European Union that don’t require visa for Turkey. The Turkish government is in mutual agreement with these countries, so you need to check the current status of the visa requirement for your county. The Turkish visas online are going to change somewhat, as the Visa authorities are trying to make the procedure easier for the applicant. During the recent pandemics, there were certain restrictions imposed and you need to familiarize all those requirements when traveling to this amazing country.

The extension for Turkish visas online: 

You need to know some professionals like Journalists, Doctors, Engineerings, Professors, and Researchers who have a visa for Turkey, The visa authorities have made the extension much easier for such professionals. It is better to check the visa Turkey extension procedure for such a profession. The government has implemented these policies to promote trade and knowledge in the country. Your Turkish visa would be extended quite easily, if your profession falls in the visa waiver profession, you need to visit the Turkish visa online authorities, and check the certain relaxation against your profession. There is some relaxation for the people coming on the official visit and tour to the country.

Ways to extend your Turkish visa:

There is a certain procedural requirement when you are applying for the extension of the Turkish visas online, you need to follow certain things when applying for the extension:

  • Turkey visa requirements for extension include, you need to apply for the extension during the expiry date of your e visa Turkey. After the expiry date has been p[assd, you need to apply for a brand new visa for Turkey as the extension is not applicable on the expired visas.
  • You can apply for a short-term residence permit to stay for a longer period of time in the country. Here again, you need to apply before the expiry of the Turkish visas online, in other cases, you would not be eligible for the short-term residence permit.
  • People may also apply for a work permit to stay longer in Turkey, but for that, you need the appointment letter of a Turkish company. The procedure is quite different for the work permit 

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