The FourQuls In The Quran

The Four Quests in the Quran are needed to be understood and memorized thoroughly by every Muslim. These Quests are taken from the verses of the Quran. This shows that the Quran is God’s word to humanity, telling them what they should do, how, and when. The 4 Quests in the Quran are; Hajj (visit Mecca at least once by a Muslim man or woman), Fasting, and Zakat. What are the effects of these four Quests?

The first two Quests in the Quran deal with the worship of God and the second one is for helping someone financially. When you pray to God and keep the commandments in the Quran you can draw closer to God. When you have God on your side then you will not feel jealous and you will also be fair in your dealings with others and the world.

The curse in the fourth prayer in the Quran is to your enemies. You should know that God does not wish for you to be hated or to be deprived of your possessions. When you curse your enemy in the Quran it is a sign of love. When you curse your enemy in the Quran it is like promising them that they will get what is due to them.

The curse in the fourth prayer reminds you that all life upon the earth belongs to God. You should not have any selfish desires and you should spend your life serving God. The meaning of this is that if you want good things for yourself and your family then you will get what is due to you. When you curse and obey God you will live a good life and you will be prosperous.

The next set of the 4 qul surah in the Quran deals with people who are dear to you and who are dear to your country. This set of instructions talks about how you should deal with those people who are close to you but who are not to your liking. You should remember that you were made to come into this world to perform a certain task. When you commit a sin against the Holy Quran you become an unclean person and you will be rejected by many people around you.

The people whom you love and who are dear to you should not be neglected. You should remember that God does not love you only for your material existence. God loves you because of the spiritual life that you are leading. You should remember that life after death is only going to be short if you do not continue to follow the teachings of the Holy Quran. If you follow the teachings of the Quran, you will be victorious over the people around you and will be able to lead a happy and fruitful life.

The fifth set of instructions is about the relations that you should have with your friends and family. It is highly recommended that you curse those people who curse and embarrass you in front of you or your near and dear ones. It is prohibited for you to swear or curse in the presence of any Muslim. A Muslim is someone who is supposed to swear by the verses of the Holy Quran and not swear by his own personal feelings.

The sixth set of instructions is about your relationships with your spouse and relatives. A Muslim woman is considered to be a wife by her husband and she is expected to obey her husband. In fact, it is the responsibility of the man to provide food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment for his wife. It is not acceptable for a Muslim woman to live a luxurious life as that of the men. The people around her must also be treated well because she is also a member of the Islamic religion.


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