The Crown Looks No Further: Fans Chose New Prince William

The fifth season of The Crown It’s in the middle of the production process. During TUDUM, the exclusive global event for Netflix fans, Imelda Staunton, who will play Elizabeth II, announced that the premiere is scheduled for November 2022. And, although there is no official date yet, of many fans are already wondering how it will be. rest of the cast.


Every two seasons, Peter Morgan typically renews his cast to accurately reflect the age of the Windsors members. So much so that it is already confirmed that for this next edition, La Couronne will have new Philippe of Edinburgh, Elizabeth II, Charles of Wales and Lady Diana. But the big question is who will bring Princes William and Harry to life.

At first, the Dukes and Sons of the Princes of Wales will have to be played by young actors, since the fourth season ended with the birth of William. But, the fifth season will focus on the ’90s through the start of the new millennium, which includes the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of the Queen’s most famous grandchildren.

That’s why, in a survey conducted by Spoiler, we have already found the perfect candidates. For Harry, the Duke of Sussex, fans chose Rupert Grint with 32% of the vote to be their performer. And now the followers of the most controversial history of British royalty have found the perfect Prince William.

This is Logan Lerman, who was elected in a Spoiler poll with 50% of the vote. . Of North American descent and 29 years old, the actor was in third place on the list of candidates, but it is now he who leads it. Of course, with its eventual inclusion in the cast, The Crown would break the rule of having all of the British actors on your set.

However, the arrival of Lerman in the series, notably playing the future king of England, would make his career a success. Note that the artist causes a lot of fury among fans, but his inclusion in a series as iconic as The Crown I would point higher.

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