The Best Wedding Dresses in Sydney for Women of all Shapes and Sizes

You must have a lot of patience to get a perfect wedding dress ready. Usually, a would-be bride never finds the first dress she tries satisfactory. The situation becomes even more complicated if the bride is unhappy with her body shape.

However, choosing the right style of dress, even a bride who is unhappy with her body will look amazing on her special day.

The tips below will assist you to choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Rely on A-Line Cut

For many plus size brides an A-line Wedding Gown will be perfect, it can complement your body shape. Add an empire waist and the cut will compliment you even more. The waist of A-line cut outfits starts right below the bust line and takes the shape of the alphabet ‘A’ immediately after that. This style of wedding dress awards brides with a perfect silhouette.

Go for a Drop Waist

If you want to look slim but still have the desire to show off your curves, this should be the go-to cut for you when it comes to your wedding dress. A bridal gown with a drop waist will hug the curves in the right places and enhances your natural curves. The drop waist design will add some fullness to the lower part of the gown and accentuate your hips stunningly.

Pick a Ball Gown

Ball gowns are designed to highlight the slimmest part of the bride’s torso i.e. her waist. If you have a pear-shaped body and if you have curves you want to hide, there is no better option for you.The ball gown wedding dress will show off the upper half of your body and cover your bottom with layers of fabric.

Wear a Corset Wedding Outfit

When shopping for a wedding dress in Sydney, you should also consider the corset bridal style of dress. These dresses feature built-in corsets and lend shape to your body. The corset will make your waist look smaller and your bust will appear bigger. You should opt for a corset wedding dress if you want to slim your belly or change the proportions of your body.

These are just a few options, there are many other wedding gown styles including a high-low hem. This style will make you look taller and slimmer by stretching out the overall appearance of your body.

When buying a wedding dress in Sydney you must ensure that the design pick will highlight your best features and not the parts you don’t like.

The team of bridal stylists at Brides of Beecroft will work with you to find a gown that looks beautiful and feels just right.

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