The Best Ideas to Decorate your Christmas Table

Best ideas that have 80’s fashion theme to decorate table 
Printed tablecloth for christmas table

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Printed tablecloth

The tablecloth is undoubtedly a great protagonist at the Christmas table. For this occasion, and although white is always a success, the best option is to bet on one stamped with Christmas motifs such as pictures or, as in this case, with fir drawings. This is from H&M Home.

Embroidered napkins for christmas table

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Embroidered napkins

Embroidered napkins are one of the things that we can like the most. So delicate and elegant, they dress any space very much. And these Sally Hambleton Holly Branch Cotton are great for these dates.

Eucalyptus garland for christmas table

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Eucalyptus wreath

How about decorating the center of the table, from start to finish, with a garland like this? You’ll get it at Sally Hambleton and it’s made of artificial eucalyptus with hints of glitter and silver fruits. Beautiful and very versatile!

Red glasses for christmas table

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Red cups

Red is the most characteristic color of this time of year. Include it on your table with these sophisticated glasses from Zara Home.

Balls for Christmas table

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Christmas balls

Christmas balls aren’t just for the tree. They are also perfect to place in a centerpiece as a decoration. These from Rue Vintage 74 are perfect to give a different and special touch to your table.

Bread plates for christmas table

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Bread plates

Don’t forget the bread plates if you want to have a fancy Christmas table . These so beautiful in gold are from Zara Home.

Green candle holder for christmas table

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Green candle holder

To create a warmer and more magical atmosphere, choose to include several candles on your Christmas table on candle holders with character in green or gold tones. You have this wavy at H&M Home.

Poinsettias for Christmas table

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Poinsettia flowers

Poinsettias cannot be missed at Christmas; not in your house, not at your table. And in Colvin you can get them with an ideal design like the one in the image. Get one or several depending on the size you have to place them.

Silver metal soliflower for christmas table

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Silver metal cauliflower

If you like to decorate with other flowers than Easter (or you want to add different ones to your table) get soliflores to place them. This silver metal Sally Hambleton replica of vintage models seems like the perfect detail to add sophistication.

Christmas table service set

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Service set

To serve snacks or food, at Zara Home you have this spectacular set of plates, platters and bowls . With fir or pine shapes, you can buy them all together or separately according to your needs.

Figures of Santa Claus for Christmas table

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Santa Claus Figures

If you want to give it a more informal touch, you can always include cute figures of Santa Claus (or any other Christmas motif) like these from Ikea.

Disposable plates for christmas table

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Disposable plates

And because you also have to think about the little ones, in Goya’s Caprichos you can find items to dress your table in style without fear of damage. And the thing is, they have spectacular disposable pieces (plates, napkins, cutlery …). Without a doubt, a wonderful idea for meetings with children since there is no danger of breaking anything.

Christmas tabletop markers

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Table place markers

We are all excited to see our name even at a family table. Make every diner feel special by placing cards in these endearing booth markers. They are from Sally Hambleton and come 6 different designs in the same pack.

Decorative skewers for christmas table

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Decorative skewers

For your appetizers or to decorate your cakes, these Zara Home skewers with Christmas tree detail are great.

Carved glasses for christmas table

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Carved glasses

If you are looking for more special glasses, these carved H&M Home are the ones you need. They are really stylish.

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