Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

The Battlefield 2042 player tried to climb the building using a hovercraft, but everything went wrong

The launch of Battlefield 2042 is in a few days. It was announced on November 19, but some have even had the opportunity to get started with Early Access. While many players have criticized the gameplay a lot, the incredible fun that suggests a massive battle seems ludicrous. A player just explained it while driving a hovercraft in a road race.

Of all the new vehicles added to Battlefield 2042, the Hovercraft is the most unique. This car is designed to make it easier to navigate the map, but recently gamers have noticed a difference that seems to defy gravity. Caught by multiple players in the game, this line allows players to walk towards the side of the building. A player recently decided to try out how to use this new car, with negative but interesting results.
In a post on Reddit, a user named Battlechud posted a video of their unfortunate encounter in Battlefield 2042. Gameplay captured by players replaced a new kaleidoscope image set up in Korea. Kauslim. A peculiarity of the battlefield are the skyscrapers dotted with the landscape. Battlechud decides to measure the drawbacks that govern the hovercraft and allow players to jump over walls. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

Battlechud reaches a tall building and begins to climb sideways using the negative side. But they weren’t ready for the next event. Suddenly, large objects of debris fall in their direction from the top of the structure. A pile of shattered metal crashed into the hovercraft before players even had a chance to respond. The accident destroyed the car, then killed the player. After the disaster, a confused conversation between Battlechud and his friends overheard the chattering voice.

Many members of the Battlefield 2042 community on Reddit liked Battlechud’s recent hovercraft clip. Many people were surprised by the unfortunate situation of the player who received over 2,200 submissions in a single day. Players are also wondering if Battlefield 2042 developer DICE will fix bugs that will allow players to climb hovercraft walls. A lot of people love Bug and think it should be in the game.

It is exciting to watch fans capture the bizarre happenings appearing on the big screen of Battlefield 2042. In addition to these hilarious films captured by Battlechud, other players are also having fun meeting each other in battle. For example, many players have shared their happy Wingsuit shoot on Reddit. The number of clips featured by the Battlefield 2042 community will increase as the game becomes available to all players.

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