Stray Kids’ Bang Chan reveals he takes medicine to ease his pain

SEOUL, South Korea.- Stray Kids frontman Bang Chan moved STRAY this Saturday by revealing that he has to take medicine to ease his wrist pain.

The young man whose English name is Christopher Bang, was in one of his long-awaited live broadcasts from Vlive, called Chan’s Room, when he remembered that he had not eaten anything.

“I haven’t eaten yet,” he recalled with a surprised expression. “I can’t take my medicine on an empty stomach. I’ll make sure to eat after the live, ”he declared.

However STAY was concerned upon hearing about his medication and asked him what the reason for his medication was.

“It’s for the pain in my wrists” Chris revealed with a laugh. However, being the leader that he is, Bang Chan ended the live by asking his STAY not to worry about him and his medicine.

“See you next time, please don’t worry,” he said.

He added that Stray Kids is preparing great things and of course he gave one of his traditional hugs to the camera.

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BTS: How did the 7 members join the most successful K-Pop group?

The selection process was not easy for Big Hit Entertainment, can you imagine another idol instead of one of the current members?

The selection methods are usually quite meticulous and heavy for all the idols who spend years training to finally be able to debut with a group like BTS and try to reach the top of success within the genre, however this type of tests usually push too much to artists to their breaking point.

Big Hit Entertainment was looking for the ideal boys for their new boy group and luckily for all ARMY the final decision with Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook to debut on June 13, 2013.

The intense journey of the BTS members
BTS has become one of the most influential groups in K-Pop culture, its impact worldwide has led the genre to become one of the most listened to today, but how did it all start?

Each of the members of the group had a different process, because although they all ended up as a trainee in Big Hit, their ambitions and careers were not initially focused in the same direction. The talent within the music industry has positioned BTS as one of the strongest groups at the moment and the talent shown by the seven members leaves no doubt of their merits these last 8 years.

Their first single ‘No More Dreams’ was the beginning of something spectacular for Big Hit, and with the success obtained in different international awards the boys are only waiting to win a Grammy to establish themselves as the first Korean group to achieve that scale of success.

The story of each of the members
It is not easy to conquer the path of success, but each of the seven has a different story regarding their arrival at BTS and here we will tell you about it.

The first to arrive to the group were the rappers, who, demonstrating their strong ability to keep the rhythm, fell in love with each of their teachers during their training process to later be considered for the next great group that would be launched years later.

RM, Suga and J-Hope managed to break through in each of the stages being a new challenge for them to reach such a competitive and challenging environment. For RM it was the impulse of a friend that made him decide on the path of music, Suga found a safe place in music and J-Hope could not hide his innate talent.

After a series of tests, the next on the list was Jungkook, who thanks to his charisma and talent managed to position himself as one of those chosen for the formation of the group. His impression after seeing RM’s audition prompted him to follow his dream into music.

Finally the arrival of Jin, Jimin and V got the group going, together they managed to create the perfect atmosphere for the launch of a new group that would take Big Hit to a level of success never before imagined. Their talent and chemistry as a group left no doubt that they would be the next hit.

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