Star Trek: William Shatner made his biggest dream come true

This Wednesday will not be another in the life of William Shatner . The actor known to have played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek saga he realized a very particular dream, at the age of 90 years. From the hand of Jeff Bezos , became the oldest person to take a trip to space. He did so aboard a capsule created by the owner of Amazon .


The original idea was that the ship Blue Origin It took off from Texas on Sunday, but the plan was complicated by the strong winds that hit the area. So it was rescheduled for that day, during which Shatner said, “I’ll be surprised to see the space. I want to look at the globe and appreciate its beauty and hardness. “ . The visit lasted no more than 10 minutes and was accompanied by Audrey Powers , vice president of Blue Origin , Chris Boshuizen , co-founder of Planète ; and Glen de Vries , executive of Dassault Systèmes .

Before entering the capsule, Shatner and his teammates had to train to know how to react to a possible emergency and to be able to recognize the noises of the journey. However, it should be noted that the system by which they made the trip was completely automatic. “It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before,” he said Shatner to return to Earth.

It was the second flight made by the Bezos company , which on July 20 traveled with his trademark brother , The Dutch Olivier Daemen and aviator Wally funk . The latter, 82, lost the record for the oldest person to reach space at the hands of Shatner . The purpose of the takeoff was to cross the Karman Line, which separates the Earth’s atmosphere from outer space, and travel another 100 kilometers. Meanwhile, the crew members enjoyed a few minutes of weightlessness, before returning to Earth.

Complaints against Jeff Bezos

William Shatner’s space flight , as well as the one that took place on July 20, did not take place without a controversy as a background. Some former employees of Blue Origin denounced the Bezos company for their toxic work culture but also for not respecting the safety protocols necessary to carry out this type of travel. This has been categorically denied by the company.

“It was not my experience in Blue, ”  assured Powers , who not only accompanied Shatner he was also one of the mission and operations managers of the flight. He also ruled: “We are extremely thorough, from the early days until now, when we start our flights with humans. Safety has always been our top priority ”  .

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