The definition of your budget should start from this strategic plan, clearly knowing what you need in each area. The amount of your investment will vary, of course, based on your first analysis: what is your level of maturity in the digital environment

From here we start to define two critical variables, the optimal level of maturity and the rate at which we are going to achieve it. We cannot have a too slow pace hoping that that defined time to reach an optimal level of maturity is not going to move, on the one hand. On the other hand, we cannot have a too fast pace without considering a large investment, especially having a long way to go (when the level of maturity is low).

Many things affect, as you can see, but I want to list the main components that make up a digital marketing budget.


Specific skills are required to be able to manage and implement a tactical digital marketing plan. It is clear, of course, that at the beginning we will not have specific roles for each action. 

There may be an expert for an endless number of categories within digital marketing (you can not imagine how many roles there are), however, we can start by having the necessary basic skills. A person can, at the beginning, have several roles (the famous use of multiple hats) and not be an expert in all but gradually develop knowledge.

You have two options: develop a team internally or outsource it. They are two extremely different paths that achieve the same goal, each direction has its advantages and disadvantages. 

It can also be a mix of this, where at the beginning you are accompanied and developing together with an external team (expert) and eventually you internalize it.

In my point of view, you can start with 5 basic roles (these can be mixed in the same person, but my goal is to emphasize that this is not a task for a single person).

  • Strategist (Normally the leader of the marketing department), it is important at the management level to have developed the capacity for “Support and Managerial Convincing” of the maturity model.
  • Content Marketer this is a full time role and no, the marketing team leader does not have time for this. He is a person experienced in creating content.
  • Marketing Coordinator this person is responsible for the execution of the tactics.
  • Web Designer / Developer to be able to continually improve your site and adapt to the needs of your users.
  • New Business Development ( Business Development Rep.) This person must be able to collaborate in the marketing department effectively in order to capitalize on the effort in managing prospects and translate them into sales.

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