Some hidden features of macOS Big Sur.

There are many great features of the new MAC operating system that will leave you asking “how does it do what it can do?” Many people are very impressed by the new system. There are more than 100 different Mac OS X features that can be customized or turned off. In this article, we are going to go over some of the most popular and “hidden” features of MAC OS X that you may not know about. Features like these can make your computer run faster and with many more features that simply make life easier.

What are some hidden features of macOS Big Sur?

One of the most important and frequently used features of the new MAC operating system is the built-in Safari browser. Safari is extremely fast and features lots of new and exciting features including search engine functionality, bookmarking options and so much more. The amazing thing is that nearly all of these features work behind the scenes and you never even have to know they exist! But did you know that you can turn off almost all of these built-in features?

enhanced Security:

If you really want to take things to the next level and really customize your mac, then the choice is yours. You can use Opera for browsing the internet and emailing, and you can use Google Chrome for searching the web and watching movies. Both of these browsers are lightweight and can be found in many homes already. If you don’t use either of these services then you can use a proxy service like Torrex which will give you a much faster connection and a higher-quality video connection as well.

Adit webcam:

When it comes to using your mac operating system features, you may also want to turn off the ability to use your webcam. This feature is a little known but it is actually turned on by default. This means that every time you open a new window, such as a word processor or web browser, the screen turns on and the camera takes a picture of what you are doing. You can turn this feature off so that you don’t have to.

Screen Time:

One of the most interesting mac operating system features that can give you quite a bit of extra power is the ability to map a keyboard on the screen. How is that for multitasking? If you type in your search bar, highlight something in your e-mails, etc., you can now right-click on whatever you are trying to focus on and map it on screen. Now you can do even more than just search or write a message. You can launch multiple applications at once and get your hands on your mouse or keyboard much faster than before.

Side-Car feature:

But if you really want to take your mac operating system features to the next level, then you need to look into downloading spyware blockers. These programs work similar to antivirus programs but they work at the source. Instead of finding out about potential virus outbreaks, they work at preventing them from happening.

Some of these programs cost a little bit of money but they are well worth it. Once you have the software installed, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are protected from all kinds of spyware and virus attacks. So if you want to make your computer run faster and without errors, then you should definitely try out these new mac operating system features.

Additional mac operating system features and functions are built-in support for the Hints feature which gives you hints on how to maximize the many functions of the keyboard such as the text size, the selection area, the font, and the highlight function. You can also get more hints as you progress through your typing activities.

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The built-in address book lets you store the names and addresses of several people and files on your Mac. And last but not least, you can get access to the mac version of the System Information Application which is also very useful to Mac users.

If ever there were any limitations to the mac operating system features, those have now been removed. There are plenty more features available for you to explore. However, these features cannot be found in the free software. You may download free software but the mac version has features that you won’t find in the free versions. So be careful when searching for a good freeware application to download. The features on the mac operating system that can only be found with a paid application are Search Function, Full-Screen mode, and Copy Image to clipboard.

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