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Presented by Paul Herzlich, W-model means the coordinated (one-to-one) relationship that exists between the documents and test exercises.

Utilizing this model helps in guaranteeing that the testing of the item starts from the absolute first day of the software development.

This model is known to manage the issues that couldn’t be settled via V-model.

Phases of W-Model

Utilizing the W-model aids in guaranteeing that each period of the software advancement is checked and approved. W-model can be separated into various stages that incorporate:

  • Building test plan and test methodology to guarantee that the software conveyed is tried thoroughly before conveyance.
  • Identifying the situation for the item.
  • Preparing the experiments utilizing details and configuration documents.
  • Reviewing the experiments and sharing a report based on audit remarks.
  • The item is then sent for testing utilizing different testing systems, for example, unit testing, mix testing and detail based testing, and so on
  • Once the software is checked thoroughly, it, at that point, goes through regression test cycles and client acceptance testing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the V model

Advantages of the W model

  • Testing can run in corresponding with development measures.
  • No division among valuable and dangerous tasks.
  • Often Developer is liable for eliminating errors or defects.

Disadvantages of the W model

  • It is quite complex to carry out.
  • Resource designation probably won’t be adequate in the vast majority of the cases.
  • Testing has equivalent weightage as numerous activities in the advancement cycle.

 When to use the W model?

  • When there are substantially more activities to perform.
  • It is selected when the V model isn’t sufficient.
  • Can be executed Technical plan, engineering and usefulness go to the image.


While the facts confirm that the V model is a successful method to test and uncover results for dynamic test cycles, W models are more compelling and assist one with getting a more extensive and broad perspective on testing.


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