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The shot blasting machine is equipment that is specially designed and produced for individual customer requirements. shot blasting machine is used for cleaning structure steel that completely blasts the original situation steel parts to remove the surface rust, welding slag, and scale, corrosion prevention effect, and making it show a uniform metal color with improved coating quality. The shot blasting equipment is composed of a former auxiliary blasting chamber, roller conveyor mechanism shell cycle equipment, dust removal system, maintenance platforms, and electrical control system elements.


Shot Blasting Machine Working:

The abrasive mixture is lifted to the drum sieve by a bucket elevator, the drum sieve inside and outside has spiral blades. The inside wound blade makes the large pieces to discharge; abrasive media, sand, and dust mix after being sieved are then pushed outside the spiral blade which after forms a smooth curtain. By adjusting the weight of the position the abrasive can be completely separated.

The double-disc riveted together constitutes the impeller body that is equipped with eight leaves on the impeller body and the points located in the center of the blast wheel installed on the one that is driven by the motor spindle. The hood is lined with a guard board that is directionally set to be mounted on the casing into the tube. With the synchronized rotating blades the velocity of the projectile is created. Projectile flies directionally out of the window, setting the orientation to clean up on the surface of the workpiece. Because the points round pill and the synchronous rotating blades assure the projectile towards the blade with no fluctuation which reduces the wear and tear of the blade.


The shot blasting machine mainly consists of six basic parts: 

  •  blast wheel
  •  cabinet
  •  work handling mechanism
  •  elevator
  • separator
  • dust collector

Different machines are used for various purposes like table type machine is used for heavy elements and portable air-operated machine is used for cleaning casting. The number of wheels installed in the machine depends on the type of job to be shot blasted and the rate of work. The role of the shot also depends on work.

Advantage of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • The use of three-dimensional designs for shot blasting machines by the company department for avoiding any possible defects and omissions in the design.
  • Each year more than hundreds of roller cover shot blasting machine is a manufacturer in the industry fields because of its great product design.
  • It cleans and descales surfaces
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life

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