Seven Essential Questions About Homelessness


Homelessness is a form of poverty where a person doesn’t own a house and don’t have shelter on their heads due to financial issues. They don’t have any health and social supports as well. Homeless people include those sleeping in streets (rough sleepers), those who are temporarily staying in emergency shelters (shelter dwellers), or people staying with friends and family (hidden homeless).

People, when on the edge of homelessness, they go to stay with their friends using their couch as a sleeping place, or they go looking for emergency shelters, and if that doesn’t help, they end up on the streets. Many people who are homeless may go through not just money problems but also suffer from diseases. It will be hard for them to keep themselves happy and healthy. And if in a relationship, it will be challenging for them to maintain a nurturing relationship. There are three types of homelessness first one is absolute homelessness, where the people are sleeping in streets under the bridges. The second one is concealed homelessness, who are homeless but currently staying with friends and sleeping on their couch. The third is at risk of homelessness, where people are at the risk of getting homeless.

Well, now looking at this, there are a thousand questions that arise in our minds. How did someone get in such a rough situation of losing their homes? Losing a job is something but a home; a shelter on your head is tough.

There are seven essential questions about homelessness

Question 1. How come they ended up in such a situation?

Well, when people are working at low incomes and are living in rented houses, then such a situation can arise. Because they don’t just have to work and pay the rent, but they also have to take care of other important stuff. Such as food and if a person has kids then paying for their education. Living in such a low income is hard these days when the prices of everything are touching the skies.

There are also some people who are just lazy to do any job.

Question 2. Why can’t they get better-paid jobs?

These days getting a job isn’t so easy. There are many people who are left unemployed with better degrees. And for better jobs, a person needs to appear presentable in front of the interviewers. They need proper attire, shoes in good condition, and a clean shower so that they can woo their interviewers when some people don’t have access to all these things and are just living their low normal lives.

Question 3. Do they do drugs, or are alcohol addicts?

Well, not every person is the same, right? Some people refuse to help and give money to homeless people because they think they only want money for alcohol and drugs. But no, not everyone is an alcoholic. Some are in genuine need of money either to help themselves or provide food to their family. Yet, there are some who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Question 4. Why are they no using emergency shelters?

Not every homeless person has the money to pay even the small rent of the emergency shelter. And there aren’t many emergency shelters, and with the increasing number of homeless, the shelters can be found full.

Question 5. Why do they have a pet when they are homeless?

Well, before going homeless, they may have had a pet at home. So, going homeless won’t mean that will just abandon their pets somewhere. And anyway, pets are a source of happiness. Even though homeless, they still deserve the small happiness they can take. Pets are also their protectors. Because when sleeping on streets, they are very close to the danger of being robbed, assaulted, or anything worse. Pets can protect them from such situations.

Question 6. Why don’t they just go to their other family members?

Not everyone has a very supportive family. They can’t just go to relative’s houses like that. People these days are more judgy and not at all supportive. Some may have an abusive family, the main reason for them leaving the house in the first place and preferring to stay homeless rather than living with toxic and abusive people. And some may also not have a family.

Question 7. Why did they get themselves in such a situation?

One shouldn’t ask this question to a homeless. Because, to be honest, this can happen with anyone. Nobody knows what their future may hold. Many people end up in such situations because they have left an abusive home, toxic marriage, or domestic violence.


These were seven essential questions of homelessness that you might have had in your mind. As a society, we should do something to help such people, and the government should also work on their policies and help people in need.


Authors Bio: Besides being an avid reader, Dr. Regina Johnson is an Indie Author, a publishing house CEO – EOJ Publisher, a Naval Officer, and a public speaker. A part-time author and a mother to beautiful Orlanda, she recently ventured her book store in chula vista ca 2020. She may have a lot on her plate, but reading to her daughter every night is what she loves the most!

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