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How to bounce back from the coronavirus slowdown is on the mind of nearly every business owner and manager today. Sales and revenue goals are being reviews, and the need for new customer acquisition is at an all-time high. Because nearly everyone shops and books appointments online, Delaware Valley companies need a Philadelphia SEO service to help. Search engine optimization is the premier way to increase traffic to your website and increase sales. If you’ve been watching competitors outrank you online, it’s time to step up your game and become much more competitive.

Your SEO expert will begin by assessing your current website. If it’s more than a couple of years old, it may be time for an upgrade. There is a significant emphasis on mobile-friendliness in today’s online marketplace, which requires a responsive site platform. It means the site will load equally well on any device, especially smartphones. It’s become the priority because more people every day use their phones to surf the internet. Any site that doesn’t work well on a phone frustrates users and costs a business online orders and sales. Try launching your site on your phone to check how well it works.

Once the responsive design question has been answered, SEO professionals move on to a long list of other vital considerations. Any errors (like broken internal links) need to be detected and repairs. At the same time, any duplicate content must be rewritten as original wording. Also, missing data for search engines must be completed and submitted at once. There are many spots where content is needed that users do not see, but search engines depend on. It explains your site’s purpose and clarifies it so that you can be featured in result pages for the right searches.

If you have an eCommerce section that sells products online or book appointments virtually, the response forms and order screens must be flawless. Customers won’t give you a second chance if they encounter a glitch and the only way to succeed is to prove a seamless experience. SEO experts analyze each aspect of your site to make sure it is high performing. Their work is incremental, so that you will see a steady improvement over several months. The good news is that once your site begins to improve and have higher traffic, it usually continues. Useful websites are given priority.

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