Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Places to get the perfect Christmas tree

Bottoms Tree Farm has over 5,000 Christmas trees, hundreds of wreaths and over 4,000 feet of handmade garland. There’s a huge selection of fresh-cut Fraser firs from North Carolina in the barn. Just show up with friends and family and be prepared to make a memory that will last a lifetime cutting your very own Christmas tree. All four-legged family members are welcome as long as they remain on a leash.

From the family’s Facebook page: “We were asked one time, ‘Why do you grow Christmas Trees?’ Our response, ‘Family, Faith, and Fellowship.'”

Kinsey Family Farm has a plethora of trees available to choose from. The farm offers a variety of ways to harvest a Christmas tree including choose and cut your own, pre-cut, and living trees in containers.

This year is the farm’s 18th anniversary and as is ‘our tradition we love to give a small gift to our visiting friends . . . our annual pewter Christmas tree ornament.’ 

The ornament is included with the purchase of a Christmas tree, while supplies last and doesn’t include Charlie Brown trees or table toppers.

And our Christmas tree farm just wouldn’t feel complete without the classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree . . . which we have plenty of in our barns! These “table toppers” are perfect for older couples that don’t desire a large tree anymore and are also fun for children to have in their rooms! Just don’t let those rascally Christmas “Elf on the Shelf” Elves get into them . . . we’ve seen some crazy “tree decorating” when that happens.

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