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  • Welcome to THE NEW BEGINNING of spreading happiness with each basket of shopping. Pushmycart is a team of Technopreneurs who are out with the dream of creating a marketplace e-commerce site to sell high-quality products from vendors across India to customers across the world.
  • For many centuries’ Indian spices, crafts, silk, and clothing was a rage in Arabia, Europe and North-West Africa. It enriched the nation and also the merchants that traded in Indian product. The spice trade inspired the cult classic Sinbad the Sailor.  Queen of Spain sponsored Columbus to find an alternate route to India so that it opens a passage to import quality spices, crafts, metals, and silk to Europe. The magic of the Indian craftsmen was known throughout the world. We aim to re-create the same magic and provide a platform for our craftsmen and artists who unfortunately languish in poverty due to lack of proper marketing channels. Many vendors face hardship because there is no platform to sell their products. Pushmycart is an online platform for our small and medium scale suppliers in India to sell distinct and quality products across the globe. Nova Web Innovations located in Hyderabad India is our main supplier and shipper of goods. Mahita LLC, in Atlanta GA, is for Marketing and Customer Service.
  • Pushmycart is a team of Technopreneurs with a dream of creating a marketplace e-commerce site to sell high-quality products from vendors across India to customers across the world. Pushmycart is eager to spread happiness to our valuable customers. Our Desi products connect our customers to every part of India. We serve people from abroad and bring exciting offers. Our pocket-friendly high-quality product from vendors throughout India is in great demand.To provide vendors from India a world-class platform to sell their products across the world and help them to stay updated with the current market requirement. For consumers, we promise to bring quality products at affordable prices.
    From Pushmycart team, we wish you a euphoric shopping with us.Shipping & Delivery
    Most of our products are shipped through international carriers by using international priority shipping methods. Normal delivery time is about 3 to 5 business days. However, shipments may be delayed when there is a transportation delay or delays due to customs clearances. Pandemic is one reason that shipments are getting delayed by 3-5 Business days on the food product and 5-15 Business days for Ayurvedic products.Ordering
    Order your favorite product- the product list is regularly updated depending on the season.  Please contact the customer service on any queries related to the product.  Check out the order history by signing up.  In case you checked out as a guest, we will email a copy of your order to the email address that you have provided at the time of checkout.
    Payment, Pricing & Promotions
    We accept all major credit cards like Visa, Master, Discover and American express.  Many affordable options are available on the website and several products are pocket-friendly.  Shipping charges applied.  Our prices are very competitive and if there is any discount/offers- coupon will be highlighted on the homepage.
    Updating Account Information
    Log in and update all the information required to make a purchase online. Your shopping will be hassle-free and there is no requirement to punch in card number and details on every purchase.As our only aim is to provide the world with authentic and quality products from India, we are continuously updating our product database to get you products from all favorite sources in India.

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