Online India Visa- Where And How To Get Visa Online

Visitors planning to visit India must obtain a visa from the Indian Government. Foreign citizens who possess an overseas citizen of India registration certificate or persons of Indian origin card are exempted from fulfilling visa requirements that means they are allowed to enter India infinite times. Let’s learn more about visa and where and how to apply for it online.


Types of Visa-


Tourist Visa- A tourist visa is granted to a foreigner for tourism visits with restriction of no business activities allowed during that visit. This type of visa is granted for up to 5years of the period and multiple entries in the specific time is allowed. A tourist visa is not entitled to getting an expansion in India, once expired. Overall we can say, a tourist visa is for a limited period of leisure travel and no business activities.


Transit Visa- A transit visa is a visa valid for a very short period and is for non-immigrant visas for people traveling continuously between one country to another. Some transit visas don’t allow you to even leave airports and are known as ‘airside’ visas, while other transit visas may last up to 15 days at max


Business Visa- A business visa is a visa given to those people who tend to work in India or do or run a business in India, pertaining to sales and management for maybe the company of India having its main branch and headquarters in any other country. A business visa may be valid for 3 months or one year and may be extended further with multiple entries in the country. While applying for a business visa documents such as company letter proving bonafide purpose is required.


 Employment- An employment visa is issued to foreign nationals working in India for a company being registered in India. It is granted to employees or paid interns of an Indian company or persons visiting India for volunteer work with a non for profit organization based in India. An employment visa is granted for 1 year or a period of the contract and is extendable as per the requirements of the company; the person applying for an employment visa must have proof of employment with herself/himself.


 Student Visa– This visa is issued to a foreign student who is willing to visit India for studying in an Indian institution or university officially recognized in India, this also includes the study of Indian dance forms, culture, ved, and yoga. The student applying for such a visa must have proof of admission/registration in an India based university or institution. The duration of this visa relies upon the period of the course, the student is registered into or 5 years, the duration is extendable later.


Foreigners of Indian origin– Foreigners of Indian origin refers to the people who are born in India, such foreigners applying for a visa will get visa granted for 5 years and is extendable. The document required for applying for such a visa is proof of being an Indian citizen.


Intern– An intern visa is provided to applicants willing to pursue an internship in companies/ NGOs or institutions officially recognized in India. An intern visa is granted for the duration of internship or 1 year whichever is less. Film- A film visa is issued to an applicant willing to visit for the shooting of a film/reality TV show in India. Such a visa is granted for the duration of the shoot of the film and it too depends on the schedule of the same, whether it takes a year or maybe more or less depending on the requirement.


Where & How to get Online India Visa-


  • 1.      Apply Online- Fill and submit your visa application form securely.
  • 2.      Submit Documents- Submit all the required documents along with application form at the Indian Visa application center or Indian mission.
  • 3.      Receive passport /visa- Finally; collect your passport/visa from the visa application center or Indian mission.

Concluding with the hope to be able to provide you with all the generic information one needs to apply for an online India visa. Have a safe and happy traveling.

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