Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Nov. 20, 2021 COVID-19 Update: 218 New Cases, 4 Deaths

Doctors On Call continues to work with the hospitality industry on Maui to address safety needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by deploying mobile teams to test groups as they arrive for check-in. Details on their program are available here. COVID-19 testing sites throughout the County of Maui are posted here. PC: Doctors On Call Maui

There were 218 additional COVID-19 cases in Hawai‘i on Saturday.

*Today’s COVID-19 case count includes approximately 90 backlogged cases involving testing providers that recently began providing data to DOH’s electronic lab reporting system. This reporting delay includes cases reported across the state. DOH expects additional backlogged cases to be reported in the next few weeks.

The latest data represents a total of 1,581 “active” cases statewide over two weeks. Maui County’s seven day average of cases peaked at 57.6 per 100,000 on Aug. 25, and has been on a steady decline since the beginning of September, dropping to 7.9 per 100,000 today.

Of today’s 218 cases, there were 130 cases identified as confirmed, and +88 probable cases were added to the count.  The confirmed cases included: 53 on O‘ahu (+69 probable); 38 on Hawai‘i Island (+12 probable); 14 on Maui (+6 probable); 19 on Kaua‘i; one on Molokai; and five in Hawai‘i residents diagnosed while out of state (+1 probable).

Hawai‘i’s COVID-19 deaths increased to 1,002, with four new deaths reported today. 

*Officials with the state Department of Health say that “because of the volume of COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 related deaths” going forward, the DOH “can no longer provide daily information including county of death, age range of the decedent, hospitalization status, gender, and whether or not the decedent had underlying conditions.” This information will be updated every Wednesday on the DOH Disease Outbreak Control Division

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