Nothing to see Outlander: this is the luxurious residence in which Sam Heughan lives

Stranger This is one of the best period series of the last time. With five seasons all the rage on Starz and broadcast by Netflix, the story based on Diana Gabaldón’s books is a worldwide hit. Likewise, the protagonists, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were catapulted to international fame thanks to their iconic characters, Jamie and Claire Fraser, a fitting marriage of former Scotland.


Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have been bringing these characters to life since 2014, and each season of Outlander embodies what life was like over 200 years ago in Scotland and North Carolina, USA. And, one of the things that stands out the most about this portrayal is the style of the house Jamie creates once the land he’s developing Fraser’s Ridge is delivered to him.

Rustic, light and airy, Jamie Fraser’s house is completely different from what it actually has on Sam Heughan . While the actor’s residence is also spacious and bright, it is completely removed from the model his character creates. Located in Glasgow, Scotland, this mansion has all the amenities for a performer to work there.

According to images Heughan posted on his Instagram, his house has a large garden full of green bushes where he enjoys the company of his roommate, Graham McTavish. In addition, in his garage he has set up a gym to continue the exercise which helps him to maintain the toned body which he watches both in the fictions that he works. With white brick walls and a concrete floor, the artist usually spends a lot of time there.

As for the interior of Sam’s mansion, his living room has a library that serves as a library. In a recent video he posted on his networks, he appeared in front of this piece of furniture which is full of books and, also, collectible figurines. The actor chose this fund when promoting his whiskey brand, Sassenach.

Although, as if that weren’t enough, it should be noted that in different postcards Sam Heughan is also seen in a small bar that he has set up at his home. A corner of the living room has this space where your bottle and the sign that says ”  Sam’s bar  ” they are the protagonists. On the other hand, in the same space, it benefits from a leather armchair and white walls behind.

However, it seems that Heughan’s favorite space is his front garden, where, on sunny days, he takes the opportunity to train. Surrounded by trees and a floor that appears to be stone, the actor spends most of his time there where he also parks his car.

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