Need a Sales Boost? Digital Marketing is the Answer

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The past year has been one of the most challenging and unpredictable for businesses of every size. From quarantines and shutdowns to erratic sales, it’s been a feat to survive. In the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia SEO companies have been in the vanguard of those trying to help owners and managers overcome the adversity. To increase sales, it often requires making relationships with new customers. Because people today find businesses online in most cases, search engine optimization (SEO) is of growing importance. It makes sure a website is friendly to users and search engines alike.

Along with SEO, excellent digital marketers watch for a variety of must-haves for a business website. Responsive design is likely at the top of the list. It ensures that a site launches quickly and smoothly on any device – mobile included. Every day more people access the internet via smartphones, and they are the platform driving growth. Search engines understand this and are programmed to feature sites based on their mobile-friendliness. Making improvements with an eye toward mobile will likely improve your standing in result pages that human searchers read.

If you’ve heard about SEO for some time but are only now getting around to investigating its value for your business, don’t wait any longer. It is essential for success online. It plays to new customer acquisition more than nearly any other single factor. If you’ve watched competitors move ahead of you in organic search listings, it’s time to become more aggressive. SEO experts employ a range of techniques that will move you forward. Also, be wary of anyone promising instant results. More often, it’s an incremental process during which you move ahead progressively over months, so start now.

If you take product orders online, your order forms, and the process for placing orders must be flawless. Customers today have many options and are legendarily impatient. If you frustrate them with a cumbersome (or problematic) online order experience, they will leave your site before completing the sale. Those abandoned electronic shopping carts are costly over time and are among the first things digital marketers will correct on your website. Business success online relies on many factors. If you get some things right but overlook others, it will drag down your performance overall.

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