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1.1     This article examines the right of a minor to (a) object to sale of his/her share in the joint family property, and (b) get the sale made in favour of a third party purchaser declared void.                              

Relevant Provisions Of Law:

2.1     Given below is a brief summary of the relevant provisions of the Law which govern matters relating to (a) joint Hindu family, and (b) joint Hindu family property:

(a)     Schools of Law:

The laws governing the Hindus, and their right to property are as follows:

Mitakshara Law; and

Dayabhaga Law.

The Mitakshara Law applies to the whole of India, except Bengal and Assam, where the Dayabhaga Law applies[1].

(b)     Joint Hindu Family:

Pursuant to the amendments brought by the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, a joint Hindu family consists of all persons lineally descended from a common ancestor, and includes their wives and unmarried daughters.

(c)     Classification of Property[2]:

(i)      According to the Hindu law, a property may be classified as:

 1.      Joint family property; and

 2.      Separate property.

(ii)     While, a joint family property is a property in which every member/coparcener of the family has a joint interest and joint possession, and is synonymous with ‘coparcenary property’, a separate property is a property which belongs exclusively to one member of the family, and is synonymous with ‘self acquired property’.

(d)     Management of Joint Family Property[3]:

A property belonging to a joint Hindu family is ordinarily managed by the father or other senior member of the family, and such member of the family is called the ‘Karta’ of the family.

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