Marvel: Tom Holland said goodbye to Spider-Man? That is what he said

In a year in which the industry has reactivated after the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic, a film destined to conquer the global box office has yet to air. There’s talk of Spider-Man: No Way Home , which hits theaters on December 17th and is possibly Tom Holland’s last in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .


The actor donned the superhero costume for the first time in Captain America: Civil War (2016) and quickly became a fan favorite. It is common knowledge that his contract with Sony ends this year and so far he has not given any indication of what his future will be like, on top of that at the time he assured that he will take finally a well-deserved vacation with no plans in the MCU .

+ Tom Holland said goodbye to Spider-Man?

Holland spoke to the media this Thursday Entertainment Weekly and was consulted on his future: “We were all trying [No Way Home] like the end of a franchise,” replied. He assured that he felt the end when they finished filming and commented that in one of the scenes they became moved with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon , his film mates.

“It was heartbreaking but also very exciting because we are all entering the next chapter of our careers. So sharing that moment with them was maybe the best day I have ever had on set. I don’t think I ever cried like this. “ , Confessed TO M . While those words might not be sympathetic to the fandom, we have to tell you that gave the chance for a comeback .

In his explanation of the end of the franchise, he commented, “I think if we had the chance to dive into these characters again, you would see a very different version. It wouldn’t be the Homecoming trilogy anymore. We would give it a little bit of time and try to build something different and change the tone of the films. “ . For the moment, it has not been formalized if he will cease to be Spider-Man , but on December 17 his followers will be able to see him as the superhero again.

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