Make Your Table Tennis Play More Competitive

If you’ve been playing ping pong with friends and family for fun, have you ever felt interested in going farther and improving your game? It can be more fun for anyone with more than a casual interest in the sport when you improve your game. Even professional table tennis players were beginners at one point, learning the basics of the game. It takes years and thousands of hours of practice to compete at the pro level – but becoming an advanced beginner or intermediate player is within more comfortable reach. Attaining either level will help you enjoy the sport more. It takes technique and skills to get there.

If you’ve ever watched more advanced table tennis players, you’ve probably noticed that putting a spin on the ball is a significant part of their game. It’s a skill/strategy component unique to ping pong in intensity and importance to the game. If you want to begin playing with spin, there is much to learn and many different ways to do it. The most basic explanation about how to do it is to brush the ball with the racket – but it’s more nuanced than that. When you do it well, you take greater control of the game and make things more difficult for your opponent. All intermediate and advanced players add spin to shots.

If your opponent outs spin on the ball in a table tennis match, you need to know how to deal with it for your return shots. It requires concentration and a focus on the ball at all times. If you’re dealing with spin and become distracted, expect to lose the shot nearly every time. A worthy opponent will keep you on your toes and require you to play a focused game to win. If there is a table tennis center in your area, consider becoming a member and try playing against more skilled players. If you become more interested and you have the funds, consider working with a coach. They can help you make progress.

A table tennis coach can show you more about all types of shots, including spin, and help you develop winning techniques in your game. They also know that skill-building drills can be just as important as practice because they isolate certain areas like footwork that can be overlooked. Highly accomplished players combine all of these to become more formidable. Adding a topspin to the ball may be among the first things you learn. It introduces you to the general techniques you’ll use for all spin shots. You’ll notice your game improving quickly, and your coach will add more strategy as you go along.

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