Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan through Lawyers

Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan through Lawyers:

For legal issues of maintenance of wife in Pakistan through lawyers in Pakistan you may discuss it with Jamila Law Associates. In the case of juristic Analogy and Istidlal, it is open to Courts to adopt any one of the earlier ijma and Faqihs’ conflicting views, subject of course to the qualification they possess the requisite on the subject of maintenance of wife in Pakistan through lawyers in Pakistan.

ijma and Ijtihad:

 There is, thus, no room for a Court to knowledge.  Lastly, ijma and Ijtihad in the form of Law made by the competent legislative bodies, as envisaged by the modern reformist Jurists will be binding on Courts and it is not permissible for them to differ from those laws on the ground that they conflict with the views of the earlier ijma and Faqihs.


-I have had the advantage of Teading in advance the well-considered and learned Judgment proposed by my brother Yaqub Ali, J. I must confess that the Full Bench questions’ Problems are to0 broad and involve the most controversial issues. Naturally, one must be cautious in dealing with such questions of maintenance of wife in Pakistan through lawyers in Pakistan. I am, therefore, most reluctant to answer them in general e terms.  It is with this object that opinion in as precise terms as possible. I want to record my answer to the first question; need not detain me. All the Sunni Schools that besides two principal sources of Islamic Law, namely the Quran and Hadis, there are two other important distinct sources: Ijma i.e. consensus and Qiyas, i.e., analogical deduction from the above three sources. Istihsan as a source of Law has it is resorted to in also achieved considerable importance.

Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan:

No apparent authority on maintenance of wife in Pakistan through lawyers in Pakistan is available on a point or where the rules are conflicting. In such cases, the view is that it is open to jurists to resort to equity principles to decide the issue. In other words, lstihsan is Juristic preference Sir Abdur Rahim in his commentary on Muhammadan Jurisprudence on this topic observed at this blog as under:   Either because it is opposed to a text or consensus, or is such that his better Judgment does not approve of it, In that event also according to Hanafi lawyers, it is nothing but hidden Analogy. But it cannot deny that as a source of Law, it has a much broader scope.

The Rules of Istidlal:

The Rules of Istidlal and jihad are more like further juristic exposition and development of the Muhammadan Law. Independent sources of Law. Strictly speaking, the principles underlying these rules are outside the domain of Courts of Law on maintenance of wife in Pakistan through lawyers in Pakistan. Therefore, they cannot be treated as, and prudence demands that it leave the application of these rules to the Legislature of the country, which can usefully adopt them with the aid of leading Theologians and eminent Muslim Jurists.  The scope of the second question is vast. It includes the principles on which it should interpret the Quran and the other sources of Law. It is, therefore, for consideration whether the Courts of Law should there is a lot of putting their construction on the Quran.

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